Final E-Mail 11/5/2013

Dear Family,

You’ll be glad to know I’ve mostly recovered from all my ailments.
Thank goodness. I thought I was going to be coming home half dead and
beaten. Now I’ll be at least somewhat healthy. This past week has been
good. It’s just been one of preparation and service. We’ve been
preparing two kids for baptism and it seems that they’ll be ready for
this week. Saturday. Eric Okine and Clements Yeboah. Eric-11 yrs and
Clements-9 yrs. Both sweet kids. Just making sure that they’re both
ready. And then on thursday we went and cracked cocoa for Sedem the
RC. It was an interesting process. And though slow I can now crack
cocoa. The funny thing is near the end of the 4 hours it took I ended
cutting my thumb on the cutlass. It wasn’t very big but apparently it
was deep. It wouldn’t stop bleeding. I also tried to hide it as best
as I could but with like ten other people around it was impossible.
they made a makeshift bandage and wrapped my thumb. When we came home
that day it opened up again and started bleeding so some of my clothes
have blood spots on them now. I don’t really have very much to say for
now. Maybe I’ll just share this experience with you. So Sunday we had
the opportunity to watch General conference. What I’ve been waiting
for a month already. We get there and lo and behold they were watching
conference in badly translated Twi. NOoooOooOO!! So I was like ok I
have faith. Let me pray so that I can understand the translation. No
matter how hard I tried to understand I could only pick up bits and
pieces. I couldn’t really get what the speakers were saying. (sigh).
So I gave up and figured next week I suppose. Later that night we were
visiting the counselor in the District. When he said oh let us watch
conference and they fed us the most delicious groundnut soup I’ve had
in awhile. Even though it took a second to figure out I was able to
watch conference I was able to understand it in the end. Just like I
prayed for. Miracles come in different ways. Sweet huh? Also there was
apparently an eclipse yesterday. The first one I’ve experienced. It
happened just after church. I was confused because I thought you would
be able to look straight up and see it but nope the sun was still
shining. I did notice that temperature was a lot cooler and it was
like shady. but it wasn’t until I looked through dark glasses I was
able to see that yes there was something indeed in front of the sun.
It was pretty cool. Well I have only a few days left now. Not sure
what else to send. I’m gonna miss the people here. I’ll miss the time
here. Even though I was not perfect on mission I know I didn’t waste
my time here. I know I can’t ever pay back God what he has done for me
here. So needless to say the church is true. I’ll finish mission with
that. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


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