E-Mail 10/29/2013

Dear Family,

Physically this week has been really going against me. Last Monday I
hurt my ankle. But did that stop me? I think not. I got sick with a
cold that’s still persisting and sucks the energy from me. Did I rest?
NO!! Have we been pushing to far away places and going further than
usual? Yes. So right now I have my ankle wrapped in a ace bandage and
hopefully it’ll be fine in the next day or so. And all my cold
medicine has run out pretty much so now I’m trying to wait out the
cold. Worst comes to worst you might be meeting with a sick Elder
Holder in the next few weeks with a small limp. We ended up going to a
village called Antiamoakrom. It’s like a 50 minute hike outside of
Kenkuase which is already a 30 min. bike ride. There are some Less
active members who live there. Their reason for going Less Active.
They got too old to walk that far every week. I understand. That place
is pretty far from kenkuase and Nuamakrom. But now it would seem like
they are trying to get themselves organized to get a group or branch
started in their village. It will take some time but if there are
enough people interested I see it happening. Even on Sunday a few
people from there came to church in Kenkuase. We started off with more
members than usual. Just a testimony of the power of simply visiting
people. Just visit a person and good things will happen. I’m pretty
sure that’s the entire concept of home teaching  We went to farm for
Sis. Beatrice this week. We planted Maize or in American we call it
corn. Was I tired? I think yes. Did we return Saturday to finish the
job? Yes. Anyways yesterday I spent the day resting my ankle and my
body and just in general sleeping most of the day. I still ended up
getting too worn out when we left and returned in the evening. (sigh).
Aside from that we’re trying to get a few people ready for a temple
trip. we’re trying to get a few kids ready for baptism. I don’t know
why most of our candidates are children right now. Oh well. Soooo ya.
I don’t really have anything else to share for now. I have just
counted I’ve been on mission 732 days. It has been two years. Whoa.
Alright see you two weeks. Booyah!
Elder Holder


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