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E-Mail 10/29/2013

Dear Family,

Physically this week has been really going against me. Last Monday I
hurt my ankle. But did that stop me? I think not. I got sick with a
cold that’s still persisting and sucks the energy from me. Did I rest?
NO!! Have we been pushing to far away places and going further than
usual? Yes. So right now I have my ankle wrapped in a ace bandage and
hopefully it’ll be fine in the next day or so. And all my cold
medicine has run out pretty much so now I’m trying to wait out the
cold. Worst comes to worst you might be meeting with a sick Elder
Holder in the next few weeks with a small limp. We ended up going to a
village called Antiamoakrom. It’s like a 50 minute hike outside of
Kenkuase which is already a 30 min. bike ride. There are some Less
active members who live there. Their reason for going Less Active.
They got too old to walk that far every week. I understand. That place
is pretty far from kenkuase and Nuamakrom. But now it would seem like
they are trying to get themselves organized to get a group or branch
started in their village. It will take some time but if there are
enough people interested I see it happening. Even on Sunday a few
people from there came to church in Kenkuase. We started off with more
members than usual. Just a testimony of the power of simply visiting
people. Just visit a person and good things will happen. I’m pretty
sure that’s the entire concept of home teaching  We went to farm for
Sis. Beatrice this week. We planted Maize or in American we call it
corn. Was I tired? I think yes. Did we return Saturday to finish the
job? Yes. Anyways yesterday I spent the day resting my ankle and my
body and just in general sleeping most of the day. I still ended up
getting too worn out when we left and returned in the evening. (sigh).
Aside from that we’re trying to get a few people ready for a temple
trip. we’re trying to get a few kids ready for baptism. I don’t know
why most of our candidates are children right now. Oh well. Soooo ya.
I don’t really have anything else to share for now. I have just
counted I’ve been on mission 732 days. It has been two years. Whoa.
Alright see you two weeks. Booyah!
Elder Holder


E-Mail 10/21/2013

Today I’m in Cape Coast and we just got finished playing ball. Football. I didn’t get to play as long as I wanted to but I did come out of it with a hurt ankle so that means I must have played a bit at least. We’re pulling out our sub today and wouldn’t you know it no one can pull out they’re full money. Oh well thats about usual so no worries. It’s actually really sweet that Corbin and I will be giving our talks on the same day. That’s tight. I kind of with that I would come home a bit sooner to go and help on some of these projects but sounds like you guys will be finished soon. As for my companion. He lives in Ogden and was adopted from Russia. He’s a good worker and a good missionary. I don’t really have to worry about him and take care of him at all so I’m cool with him. As to answer mom’s question on how mission has built me it kind of goes back to what she said. The basics. The lesson in sunday school yesterday was “how do we become spiritually self-reliant?” Well that’s pretty much what mission is. It forces you to go over the basics over and over and over again. To understand them at a deeper level than before. To make sure that when you go home you won’t just fall away but that instead of relying on your parents for spiritual strength you can give that to others. You literally become a light to others. That actually had me pondering when going on the unbearable tro tro ride down to cape this morning. I was thinking of different directions to go when I come home and for the few that I’m considering it would put me in situations where I would probably be relying on myself for the most part for spiritual things. That’s what mission is for.  I’ve been working just the same and we’re actually getting quite a few investigators. We’ll see how many of them are ready by November. It should be one or two. The others I’m positive will make it there in the next little while. All the while Sedem the Rc from a few weeks  ago completely humbled me yesterday. We went in to go and teach him about the priesthood and we got to how it’s about service and he just shared an experience he had that I hadn’t realized. He was going to some pentecostal church before and when he started coming to latter-day saints the elders of that church started asking “why, Why are you going to that church?” Even them they got on the topic of service. In the course of it Sedem brought up this question ” If any of you goes to help on the farm will you be ok if there’s nothing to eat?” They all said no. That’s their payment. If there’s no food then their actually being paid. He said “these Latter-day saints elders came and said don’t worry yourself for food we will come just to help and to serve.” The Pentecost elders said he was lying first. Then tried to make excuses because we were foreigners. He told them no they did it because it is about service. I was just like whoa. I didn’t realize we had that kind of impact I guess. Just to go without the expectation of food. It didn’t really seem like all that big a deal to me. It really humbled me. Aside from that we’re beginning to get more members involved especially since many of the people we’re teaching are kids. That’s nearly impossible otherwise. A sweet family that seems to be coming along pretty strong. One man had a dream and his wife readily believes the things we have taught already.For the man I think he’ll be in the next baptism very soon. As for everything else who cares it’s of the world. I’m just trying to make my things last till the final day. That’s all for now. Talk to ya later. Oh and what topic for the homecoming talk?

From the Is am Bestest,

Elder Holder

Email 10/15/2013

Dear Family,

 Sorry for last week. We went into town and all that but we were unable to email due to there being only one cafe and it’s connection is terrible. Did I also mention of four computers only two were working.  So this week is my time to shine.  Just a fast update. I may have been freaking out about the whole last transfer thing. Being two weeks in I’m still able to work and keep going and keep busy thank goodness. Thanks for the advice Kylie. Things are going well with my new companion and we’re at the very least getting things set up for a few baptisms to be happening in the next few months. I’m hoping for this month but things would have to work out just right for that to happen. I think more than likely probably after I go. We’ve gotten a bunch of referrals as of late. The funny thing about that is some of them are people we’ve been seeing for a long time. We trying to work with the members on them but it hasn’t really set in that they should be there helping us teach the people that they have given us to teach. We’ve even been able to get a few more people in Kenkuase finally. It’s taken a bit but they’re beginning to come. Along with trying to keep everything straight and going from here to there for whatever meeting things are well. I noticed this week that a lot of things that I studied have come up in other ways these last few days. I studied the purpose of callings using Moses as an example and how callings aren’t just so we can help others but also to build and teach ourselves. That came up in church on sunday and I gave a talk on it and the Branch President even was told to stress the importance of callings for people who want to go to the temple. Then I studied through galatians and in chapter two it talks about Paul, who I guess got in an argument with Peter, was in the right even though he was the junior apostle. Even our leaders who have been called and ordained of God can make mistakes and I think that matches what you said in your email. We really need to set a realistic standard for our leaders. They aren’t perfect they’re just trying to be. Just like us.What else? Those were the big things. We had a health meeting in Cape Coast today hence I’m emailing you right now. In it Pres. gave us a good instruction on the Book of Mormon. I’ll admit it seemed like it was more for missionaries to build there testimonies in it and use it more effectively for themselves than for teaching investigators. I enjoyed it. I also got interviewed for the temple today. Apparently my temple recommend expired two months ago and I didn’t notice so I got a temporary one until I go home whenever that is. Not too much else to report on. Last Friday when going down Kenkuase hill which is hardcore and in of itself, my back tire blew. Guess who walked the 50 min. to and hour back to nuamakrom. That’s right, Elder Lucas and his companion. It was good though. It reminded me of Mario. A straight path with bush on each side and you have to dodge holes and water and stuff. At one point I was playing the theme song in my head. I’m getting a cramp in my hand so I’ll write some more stuff next week. I’ll be back in Cape on monday. Talk to ya’ll then. Latas family,


Elder Holder