E-Mail 9/30/2013

Dearest family,

  Another transfer and now my last one to have any change before
coming home. My companion Elder William is leaving to go to Assin Foso
and I am receiving an Elder Lucas from America but adopted from
Russia. I’m not actually really sure what he’s like but it’s only one
transfer I think I can make it work. As far as I know he’s a hard
worker so as long as he’s not stubborn I should be able to keep going
until the end. No wo holla. It’s funny that you thought about me
punching people in the face. As I thought about it that’s one of
things that’s really cut down on mission for me. I don’t say it as
much anymore. That’s good right? This past week ended up being really
slow for us. Kenkuase which was our powerhouse area has just been
killing us the last few weeks. Every time we go no one can meet with
us and all the people there just aren’t progressing. Because the
people to teach there are so far apart it’s hard to know where we
should go to find new investigators. Nuamakrom is still going strong.
We had one baptism this past sunday with Sis. Beatrice Adjei. She’s
been coming to church for years. She pays her tithing. She’s been
ready for a loooong time but because of some confusion with
traditional marriage things she wasn’t able to be baptized. So now I
have had the pleasure to be there when she was able to be baptized and
I can honestly say it was good to be a part of it. She’s a sweet
woman. We’re hoping to have another man this next week. Bro. Sedem.
He’s pretty much ready we’ve just had to figure out his work with
church but I think now he’s good to go.He’s one of my favorite that
I’ve taught so far. We’re hoping for a few more but I think we’ll have
to start finding some new people to come and be baptized. Which is
fine. It gets me out of the house and keeps me focused thank goodness.
This week will probably be really slow again because of all the
transfer things going on but we should be able to pick up next week.
The closer I get to the end the more and more I miss Ghana. It’s going
to be hard. We watched the best two years and the other side of heaven
today for our P-day activity and sad to say there were parts where I
teared up a little bit. I now know what those movies are going through
like I’ve had those experiences and now I realize how much I’m going
to miss them. I won’t be able to get them back home. The hardest part
will be leaving all the people I’ve come to know. That one hurts the
most. But I gotta see my family at some point I suppose. Nothing else
really to report on but I love you guys. I’ll talk to ya’ll later.
Much loves
From the is am bestest,
Elder Holder


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