E-Mail 9/18/2013

Dear Family,

 I’m sorry for last week. We sincerely tried to email. On Monday the there was no way to get onto a computer at the cafe and on tuesday the connection was working and we had to leave. Sorry. As for this week the government of Ghana decided that all foreigners staying in the country had to register and get id cards or on November 1st if your caught they’ll kick you out. So we’re spending the day in Cape coast getting it all for the mission. Even I don’t think we’re going to get home until very late. My first thought when I heard that it would take effect Nov. 1 was “why don’t I just not get the card? If they catch me they can only send me home two weeks early. When I should have already been home.” Then I decided maybe I shouldn’t make sarcastic thoughts like that. Anyways as for last week we did good but we have run into a few hiccups. One of our investigators is just having trouble with money and he’s trying to support himself so he’s having problems coming to church. We’ll have to wait on him for a few weeks. Then our other one may in fact be a polygamous. I had no idea. But he has multiple children from multiple women and he claims that he’s married to two of them. hmmmm. We talked to the father of one and he said that he didn’t do the knocking (traditional marriage) so I’m not sure anymore. He now knows that what he did was wrong and we’re helping him through the repentance process but I don’t know exactly how to tell if he has fully repented or not. That is our dilemma. On other news from the heart of west africa, our branch pres. showed us woman who has been coming to church for who knows how long. I thought she was a member. And so now we’re just going through the lessons with her so she can be baptized. The only thing slowing us down is that she doesn’t speak english. She knows enough of the church doctrine that we can get through the teachings with her without too much problem. She’ll be baptized by the end of this month. Aside from that I get kind of bored in Nuamakrom sometimes. At the times when we’re not working. There’s nothing different to read in the apartment and its only two of us so at times I’m just like meh. Reading your letter it sounds like everyone just needs to hit the ground running with missionary work. The big push seems to be a sign of the times. It’s good to see you guys are keeping busy. Even me at times when we don’t have anything to do at our house or on pday I say to myself why don’t we just go out and proselyte?  We’re not doing anything else. Looking at your Rm from sunday. His is name Elder Masterson. I know a kid from highschool who went to the phillipines. I decided I need to start praying to be more patient and humble… again. Sigh. You would think after the past times that I would be there but here we go again. I’ll just talk about today and then finish. So as our zl’s got up and told us what the mission wants us to do. The hardest one I have to say is from the Assistants. They want us to clean up all the slang in our language. Things like dude, bro, homedog. And many others. I have to say some were understandable and just completely inappropriate. Others I was like “whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s take a step back.” Oh goodness  this one will not be easy. Oh well. I was called to do I suppose. Oh and I now have a immigration card in Ghana with my picture on it. I noticed that my face seems fatter. I’m not quite sure how but regardless, I still look just as good. Seriously though the beautiful ladies will have to watch out when I roll around. Sorry just had to add that in. Anyways time is running out so need to write to a few more people. Until next week. We’ll be in Cape.

Elder Holder


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