E-Mail 9/3/2013

Dear ole Family,

 I suppose I had better start listening to you guys more. We had pres. interviews today along with district meeting. They instructed kind of on how this new teaching should go. It really focuses more on how we begin teaching people. It should work to change the atmosphere when we teach. I liked it. I still have to change up some things that I do. In addition during the interview I asked pres. if I complain too much. He said no but that I could probably be more positive. So this whole time I thought I was just being honest but instead I was actually being a bit pessimistic. Oh well lesson learned.It was a good interview and I enjoyed the instruction. The only problem was we had to get up at 5 in this morning just to get to the meeting on time. So right now I a bit tired and i haven’t really eaten anything all day so I’m also hungry.  This past week we went on splits with the zone leaders and I got to go with Elder Harris. It was sweet. Not only does he know movies, comics, and various videogames but he’s also incredibly sarcastic. I will say that I did enjoy the day. He also gave me advice at the end of the split it just kind of struck me I guess. He said ” you’re a good missionary. Just keep being a good missionary” I don’t know why it stuck with me so much. It’s just something simple but it might be some of the best advice I’ve gotten in awhile. We also learned that one of our investigators has some issues he needs to take care of. His situation is based off the need for money, just like most people. He’s trying and I really feel for him. I hope that things will begin to turn up for him. Especially now that he’s getting closer and closer to baptism. We also went to kenkuase again, and guess what I learned something about testimonies. Someone had asked a day before “can you have a testimony of Jesus without being converted to the church?” I had to say yes. As I thought about it more I was like ya. The only difference is that as being a member of the church your testimony is more perfect than others. All the honorable people who refused the gospel of Jesus Christ because they were blinded by men will receive the terrestial glory. So good people who most probably have faith in the saviour but not the saving and essential principles in the gospel which you need to make it to the celestial kingdom. As I continued in my thoughts your testimony will continue to grow until it becomes perfect. Essentially until you know the saviour. Pretty much an Apostle or prophet. Other people’s knowledge of the godhead is limited and often incorrect so their testimonies are limited. To have a perfect testimony you have to come and know the savior a little more. Whether through his church, his prophets, his words(scriptures). etc. That’s just my little thought from this past week. Other than that I got my B-day packages and they hit me hard the first few days. My body wasn’t used to the sugar and sweets, at least not as much as I was eating. I turned in my travel plans today so the itinerary should be coming soon. Thank goodness. Not too much time left. Time is far spent, there is little remaining. That’s all the big stuff and I can’t really think of others. If I do I guess I’ll send next week. As for now Yebehyia Y?

From the is am bestest again,

Elder Holder


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