E-Mail 8/26/2013

Dear Ole Family,

 Ete sen? The times are going. For some reason the last week was a bit slower than usual which is weird but even though it was slower than usual it was still more than my other areas. So it was slow but it just went down to average so it still wasn’t bad. A missionary left from Kenkuase this past week. He walked with us for the last time on Wednesday. He got set apart on Thursday and went to mtc on friday. His name was michael. Now we’re working with his brother another guy in that little village. It’s nice to have translators and to be honest we probably wouldn’t be very effective if we didn’t have some of the natives with us. So some things of the last week. We had a general family home evening. We had a few people come including sedom. He ‘s doing good and I won’t lie I expect him to be baptized somehow soon. He already knows about Joseph Smith and doesn’t seem to have any problems with the first vision. The only thing keeping him from church is that he has to farm sometimes. He farms for a another person so if she calls him he kind of has to go. That’s what happened this past sunday. We also had a few guys Samuel and Thompson come. Their both young guys but they act just like some of the boys. Like college friends. I don’t know how to explain it really. You would just have to meet them. But they actually came and they’re actually sweet. I also started exercising like two weeks ago and I gained back some of the muscle I had lost in the past few months. But then something happened on wednesday. We were making our way to a another village on our bikes. I started up a hill and realized that my companion wasn’t with me. Well I waited a sec and then said i would go and head down. I didn’t want to ride down because then maybe he’ll be coming up. Oh and by the way my bike doesn’t have brakes. so I decide just to ride on the pedal thinking I’ll have enough control to stop when I want to. I get to the bottom of the hill and my companion is just off on the side fixing something on the chain. I kept riding by because I was going too fast. so I then tried to slow myself down putting my foot on the tire. Then my foot commenced to get caught in the tire and I flipped off. I ended up tearing up my hands a bit when I landed. Mostly my left. (sigh). We kept riding and i cleaned them off at the village we went to. So the next day when I still tried to do some push ups.The stinging hurt too much and I had jacked up my wrist a bit so I stopped there. I’ve been waiting to fix the brakes but I haven’t had enough money and we’re in a place where it’s not very easy to fix the brakes. so hopefully this week we can figure something out. I got my travel request form finally and my birthday packages. I was quite happy about that. Now we just have to figure out how to them back to our home because right now their in the Zone leaders apartment. suck. We’re in Cape Coast today and so I’m emailing right now instead of tuesday. Next week we’re coming down for combined meeting so we’ll be down again next week. Not really too much else to say. I guess I’ll leave it there. love you guys and talk to ya’ll latas
yours truly,
Elder Holder

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