E-Mail 8/8/2013

Dearest Family,

  So today we had a combined district meeting hence I didn’t email on
tuesday and now I’m emailing today. Pres. Shulz’s son came and was
visiting so they decided to do like a mini mission tour sort of. It
was cool and everything. His name is Jakob Shulz. He’s a teacher at
Roy High. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. I can’t really remember
all the important things from last week it’s been too long. I know we
had a mission conference on sunday where our area became a new
district. The Twifo Praso District. A lot of leadership is being taken
from our ward for the district now. We have a new BP because the old
bishop is going to be the District 2nd counsellor. Many others are
filling the presidency from there. We’re hoping to make it into a
stake in the next few years. Pres. was there and it was the first time
I had seen him use a translator before when speaking to a
congregation. He talked a lot on families and how if everything is
going to become a stake then it will have to built up by families. It
was pretty good. We’ve been having bike problems and so it’s making it
difficult to get around to some of the villages and areas that are
around. We haven’t been Nyamebekyire since a few weeks ago. And we had
to walk to Kenkuase yesterday which took about an hour. Even we’re
trying to find people to help us to teach because there are many
“menti Brofo” Other than that it’s just a matter of people keeping
committments. Some I can see aren’t going to be ready for baptism soon
simply because they aren’t able to come to church as often. Or they
don’t take enough time time for us to come and teach them. We have a
little girl in kenkuase that I would say is ready it’s just trying to
teach her. Her name is joyce. Her father is a recent convert. Both
sweet people. We’re also supposed to have 3 others but I’m not
entirely sure who that will be. We have the people but from what I’ve
seen they may not possibly be super ready. I don’t have too much else
to say. I’m a little worried though. I read a talk a few days ago by
Elder D. Todd Christopherson. ” Who I loveth, I chasten” from the 2010
conference. It made me nervous because as i read about being ready to
be chastened I had a big feeling come over me so now I think that some
trial or chatisement is going to come. Well it’s just making me
nervous I guess.Well like I said before I don’t have too much to say
so I guess I’ll leave you. here. Until next week which will probably
be tuesday. Hopefully. Loves,
Elder Holder


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