E-Mail 7/29/2013

Dear Family,

 Today I’m in Cape Coast grabbing our sub so today I’m emailing. Grabbing a few things that are hard to find in Praso and then we’ll probably be heading back just afterwards. This past week has been interesting. I think two of my shirts might be ruined. We rode our bikes and it rained. When it rained the ground became mud. Our bikes don’t have mud guards. I washed one shirt but the stains didn’t come all the way out so I dunno. We’re going to try and find some guards this week. Also we found another few villages that look they have potential. One is called Nsuorkyi and sits just behind Nuamakrom. I don’t think anyone has really been there before. The other place is Nyamebekyire. It’s a bit too far out to come to church on sundays so my companion and I are wondering if it’s possible to start a group out there instead. There is a member that lives pretty close to there and he would be qualified to be the group leader. We want to see how receptive people are there first before we start pushing for it. I think you’ll find it funny that when we went to kenkuase for church yesterday the same thing happened as the first time. I really had to go. I also thought up a subject for a small talk while there. It was also funny because we didn’t start until 10  o clock because it rained. We had to wait for the branch president to come. I also reflected on how far I’ve come in the last ten years or so. I went from not being a member and not even considering a mission. To thinking of joining and unsure of mission. To being baptized and knowing I was going on a mission. To being on mission now for almost two years. I wrote a little poem. I don’t think it’s very good but it’s kind of like what Elder Packer did in his last conference talk where he writes something for every ten years.  I also just figured out why when we’re confronted with problems God wants us to ponder it out first in our minds and then ask. Because it’s super annoying to have to make decisions for every little thing  for other people. I’ve been dealing with that a bit I’m just like it’s fine whatever you decide is ok. It’s no big deal. I feel like I shouldn’t even be involved in some of these decisions and sigh. Oh well. Liberian independence day was last friday. It was also the day that we went to Assin Foso to get my companion a Patriarchal blessing. It was cool meeting the patriarch. Even though he was just talking about normal things when I was in the room you could definitely the difference. It just goes to show that people who are obedient to the commandments and other things you can tell just from what you feel around them. It makes me think what do people feel when I’m around them? Do I put off that kind of spirit for others to feel? I don’t know. I’m happy that you guys are all being busy. It’s weird even to hear that Brandon’s home. Even now with it being so close I’m starting to feel different. Some of my good friends are leaving in a few weeks. Then some time after that I’m home. Even someone mentioned that my mtc group is at 14 weeks. which is crazy because we start with the 12 week program. Not too much else for now. I need to to use the restroom but thanks for the package. It’ll will be here before my birthday. The question is will it be in praso before my birthday? I dunno. It will definitely be in Ghana. I love ya’ll. Speak to ya next week.\

Elder Holder


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