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E-Mail 8/26/2013

Dear Ole Family,

 Ete sen? The times are going. For some reason the last week was a bit slower than usual which is weird but even though it was slower than usual it was still more than my other areas. So it was slow but it just went down to average so it still wasn’t bad. A missionary left from Kenkuase this past week. He walked with us for the last time on Wednesday. He got set apart on Thursday and went to mtc on friday. His name was michael. Now we’re working with his brother another guy in that little village. It’s nice to have translators and to be honest we probably wouldn’t be very effective if we didn’t have some of the natives with us. So some things of the last week. We had a general family home evening. We had a few people come including sedom. He ‘s doing good and I won’t lie I expect him to be baptized somehow soon. He already knows about Joseph Smith and doesn’t seem to have any problems with the first vision. The only thing keeping him from church is that he has to farm sometimes. He farms for a another person so if she calls him he kind of has to go. That’s what happened this past sunday. We also had a few guys Samuel and Thompson come. Their both young guys but they act just like some of the boys. Like college friends. I don’t know how to explain it really. You would just have to meet them. But they actually came and they’re actually sweet. I also started exercising like two weeks ago and I gained back some of the muscle I had lost in the past few months. But then something happened on wednesday. We were making our way to a another village on our bikes. I started up a hill and realized that my companion wasn’t with me. Well I waited a sec and then said i would go and head down. I didn’t want to ride down because then maybe he’ll be coming up. Oh and by the way my bike doesn’t have brakes. so I decide just to ride on the pedal thinking I’ll have enough control to stop when I want to. I get to the bottom of the hill and my companion is just off on the side fixing something on the chain. I kept riding by because I was going too fast. so I then tried to slow myself down putting my foot on the tire. Then my foot commenced to get caught in the tire and I flipped off. I ended up tearing up my hands a bit when I landed. Mostly my left. (sigh). We kept riding and i cleaned them off at the village we went to. So the next day when I still tried to do some push ups.The stinging hurt too much and I had jacked up my wrist a bit so I stopped there. I’ve been waiting to fix the brakes but I haven’t had enough money and we’re in a place where it’s not very easy to fix the brakes. so hopefully this week we can figure something out. I got my travel request form finally and my birthday packages. I was quite happy about that. Now we just have to figure out how to them back to our home because right now their in the Zone leaders apartment. suck. We’re in Cape Coast today and so I’m emailing right now instead of tuesday. Next week we’re coming down for combined meeting so we’ll be down again next week. Not really too much else to say. I guess I’ll leave it there. love you guys and talk to ya’ll latas
yours truly,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 8/20/2013

Dear Family,

 So I’ll admit I’ve had better birthdays. Woke up and got ready for church. Then I had one fantastic day of … Proselyting!!! Yay!!! My birthday packages are still in the mission home sooooo ya. I should be getting them tomorrow, hopefully. This past week has been good though. I don’t know what it is about Kenkuase but again I felt the spirit there. And again I had to use the nasty public toilet. Why do I onl need to use it when we go to church there? I don’t know. This time I did make it until after church though. Anyways back to Kenkuase. I remember the last few days I’ve just been kind of wondering why I am here in this particular place. Then for our opening hymn we sung how firm a foundation. And it the hymn really spoke to me. Pretty much who have you put your faith in and how much do you rely on God. There’s a part that talks about like being put through the refiners fire type thing to remove the dross. Then I got the impression of being prepared for something later. At this point it’s probably something for after mission but who knows? And then my other spiritual experience came on P-day. I bought a gospel art book a few weeks ago and I had a thought to go and find the passages in scriptures that each pictured depicts. I came to the Book of Mormon when the saviour visits the Nephites and just felt a witness of the divinity of the same Jesus Christ. That was nice. Nothing like a nice testimony builder to get you through the day. We also went to assin Foso yesterday and I will tell you that that road is terrible. it sucks. That road is awful. I don’t ever want to go there again. We also had a general family home evening last night which actually turned out pretty well. I was worried for awhile because everyone came late. My companion was trying to stress me out. It turned out very well.  As for last week we had a few lessons where it was like, sweet. A few people just straight away understanding the apostasy and why they needed the restoration.  It was cool. Even we met with one guy Sedom. He actually taught me something about families that I’d never thought of before. He had always thought that in heaven we would be with families but no one else had ever told him that before. He brought the example of Noah and the ark. Noah went with his wife, his sons and their wives and then all the animals came in pairs. Or in families so God has designed all relationships in families. It was an interesting thought. I had never thought about it before. Oh its transfers again. Kariuki is going to assin foso. and that’s pretty much the biggest change. Sadly Pres. doesn’t ever want kariuki and me to be in the same district for more than one transfer. I cry sometimes. The only other news is Pres. is pushing a new way of teaching that will change the styles of what most have been doing. I’m just trying to figure if I’ll be able to change it well enough. We’ll see. As for now nothing to big going on. We pushed our baptism to the end of the month. A little girl and hopefully another man that we’ve been working with. That’s about it for now. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Just remember 3 nephi 5:13. Booyah! I still need to talk to other people fast. yebehyia Y.

Much loves,

Elder Holder

E-Mail 8/8/2013

Dearest Family,

  So today we had a combined district meeting hence I didn’t email on
tuesday and now I’m emailing today. Pres. Shulz’s son came and was
visiting so they decided to do like a mini mission tour sort of. It
was cool and everything. His name is Jakob Shulz. He’s a teacher at
Roy High. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. I can’t really remember
all the important things from last week it’s been too long. I know we
had a mission conference on sunday where our area became a new
district. The Twifo Praso District. A lot of leadership is being taken
from our ward for the district now. We have a new BP because the old
bishop is going to be the District 2nd counsellor. Many others are
filling the presidency from there. We’re hoping to make it into a
stake in the next few years. Pres. was there and it was the first time
I had seen him use a translator before when speaking to a
congregation. He talked a lot on families and how if everything is
going to become a stake then it will have to built up by families. It
was pretty good. We’ve been having bike problems and so it’s making it
difficult to get around to some of the villages and areas that are
around. We haven’t been Nyamebekyire since a few weeks ago. And we had
to walk to Kenkuase yesterday which took about an hour. Even we’re
trying to find people to help us to teach because there are many
“menti Brofo” Other than that it’s just a matter of people keeping
committments. Some I can see aren’t going to be ready for baptism soon
simply because they aren’t able to come to church as often. Or they
don’t take enough time time for us to come and teach them. We have a
little girl in kenkuase that I would say is ready it’s just trying to
teach her. Her name is joyce. Her father is a recent convert. Both
sweet people. We’re also supposed to have 3 others but I’m not
entirely sure who that will be. We have the people but from what I’ve
seen they may not possibly be super ready. I don’t have too much else
to say. I’m a little worried though. I read a talk a few days ago by
Elder D. Todd Christopherson. ” Who I loveth, I chasten” from the 2010
conference. It made me nervous because as i read about being ready to
be chastened I had a big feeling come over me so now I think that some
trial or chatisement is going to come. Well it’s just making me
nervous I guess.Well like I said before I don’t have too much to say
so I guess I’ll leave you. here. Until next week which will probably
be tuesday. Hopefully. Loves,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 7/29/2013

Dear Family,

 Today I’m in Cape Coast grabbing our sub so today I’m emailing. Grabbing a few things that are hard to find in Praso and then we’ll probably be heading back just afterwards. This past week has been interesting. I think two of my shirts might be ruined. We rode our bikes and it rained. When it rained the ground became mud. Our bikes don’t have mud guards. I washed one shirt but the stains didn’t come all the way out so I dunno. We’re going to try and find some guards this week. Also we found another few villages that look they have potential. One is called Nsuorkyi and sits just behind Nuamakrom. I don’t think anyone has really been there before. The other place is Nyamebekyire. It’s a bit too far out to come to church on sundays so my companion and I are wondering if it’s possible to start a group out there instead. There is a member that lives pretty close to there and he would be qualified to be the group leader. We want to see how receptive people are there first before we start pushing for it. I think you’ll find it funny that when we went to kenkuase for church yesterday the same thing happened as the first time. I really had to go. I also thought up a subject for a small talk while there. It was also funny because we didn’t start until 10  o clock because it rained. We had to wait for the branch president to come. I also reflected on how far I’ve come in the last ten years or so. I went from not being a member and not even considering a mission. To thinking of joining and unsure of mission. To being baptized and knowing I was going on a mission. To being on mission now for almost two years. I wrote a little poem. I don’t think it’s very good but it’s kind of like what Elder Packer did in his last conference talk where he writes something for every ten years.  I also just figured out why when we’re confronted with problems God wants us to ponder it out first in our minds and then ask. Because it’s super annoying to have to make decisions for every little thing  for other people. I’ve been dealing with that a bit I’m just like it’s fine whatever you decide is ok. It’s no big deal. I feel like I shouldn’t even be involved in some of these decisions and sigh. Oh well. Liberian independence day was last friday. It was also the day that we went to Assin Foso to get my companion a Patriarchal blessing. It was cool meeting the patriarch. Even though he was just talking about normal things when I was in the room you could definitely the difference. It just goes to show that people who are obedient to the commandments and other things you can tell just from what you feel around them. It makes me think what do people feel when I’m around them? Do I put off that kind of spirit for others to feel? I don’t know. I’m happy that you guys are all being busy. It’s weird even to hear that Brandon’s home. Even now with it being so close I’m starting to feel different. Some of my good friends are leaving in a few weeks. Then some time after that I’m home. Even someone mentioned that my mtc group is at 14 weeks. which is crazy because we start with the 12 week program. Not too much else for now. I need to to use the restroom but thanks for the package. It’ll will be here before my birthday. The question is will it be in praso before my birthday? I dunno. It will definitely be in Ghana. I love ya’ll. Speak to ya next week.\

Elder Holder