E-Mail 7/23/2013

Dear ole Family,

    Sorry to hear about the lack of support from others it reminds me
of a scripture I shared with you before in Mosiah ch. 18. I forget the
verse. But Alma is talking about pretty much signs of conversion. He
asks are you willing to mourn with those who mourn and to comfort
those who stand in need of comfort. Even Sodom and Gormorrah were not
only destroyed because of chastity issues but because they didn’t help
the orphans or the widows. They despised the poor and the needy.
Pretty much they weren’t serving one another. Only the truly converted
will do those things. So ya. Anyways my week was good. To be honest I
don’t feel like I have to work as hard to get stuff done. Like there’s
a lot of work to do here still but to be honest I’m not needing to try
as hard. Sometimes I feel like I just show up and lessons happen.
Dude, it’s kind of nice actually. I’m used to trying to do so much
more just to teach someone. I don’t have to do that here. I will admit
I feel tired a lot more of the time. I’m hoping that’s just because of
transfers and now I’ll be coming out of it. Elder William is quite
enjoyable and I’m having a lot more fun than I did with my old
companion. We spent a few days in kenkuase which turned into a finding
day. The other day in kenkuase we had splits and I went with Elder
Barnett from England to their area. It was different than what I had
expected. My mindset of Elder Barnett was different than who he was.
It was good. He actually has the fever which I didn’t seem to expect
from person from england. The fever being totally attracted to black
girls. He was actually very open minded about it. Interesting. I’m
actually with him right now. My companion went with Kariyuki to
another part of the zone to do some business. As for Bishop Opoku
calling me okukuseku. Well my fante name is Kwabena Okukuseku. I
intorduced myself as that and now that’s all he remembers. It means
onnipa no wei a hu. The man is fearful. Like don’t fear ghosts and
spirits but man is the one who will get you. Something like that. As
for the bikes well on splits Elder William popped his tire. So we need
to fix it. The only problem is obviously we don’t have any tools, or
anything to work on it. We’re trying to find some otherwise we’ll have
to walk. My companion doesn’t want to walk. This week nothing specail
is happening. We’re working on a few people ummm, nothing special. I
guess that’s all I have for you this week. Oh and I’m planning on
sending a letter to Justen at some point. I just haven’t gotten around
to it yet. Sorry. But at least it’s written. Now we’ll just see if I
can send it off. Lve you guys sorry not too spiritual this week. Talk
to you later.
Elder Hordel.


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