E-Mail 7/16/2013

Dear Family,

Soooo I know I told you that I was going to village but I don’t think
you understand. I’m in a VILLAGE!. I didn’t even fully understand. It
takes like 20 or 30 minutes to get to a town that actually has things.
There’s one building in Nuamakrom that’s above one story. It’s
freakin’ awesome. Sooo ya I’m loving the new area. It’s very different
from the other places I’ve served. The people are sweet and it looks
like they just need a few pushes in the right direction to get the
church going a little bit better. Nuamakrom is up in Praso which is
pretty far from my old area. The reason I was whitewashed was so they
could put zone leaders into my old area because it became a zone.
Elder William is a good guy. My biggest complaint is the eating habits
that I now have to have. He makes a stew and thats pretty much what we
have to eat until it’s finished. I hate eating the same thing every
day. It causes death for my soul. The other thing is there isn’t
anything to buy in our little village to enjoy. By the way I probably
won’t be able to enjoy anything on my birthday so I dunno if you want
to send some sweet stuff or something I’d be cool with that. Also
probably don’t expect too much with pictures because the connection
here is bad. Anyways we’ll be working a lot with Bishop Opoku who
knows me as okukuseku more than elder holder. There’s a few things
that we’ll have to push with the ward members. Oh we also cover
another remote village called Kenkuase. It’s like a 45 min. bike ride
from Nuamakrom. It’s more village than Nuamakrom. We meet in a local
school and I was greatly humbled when we went there for church on
Sunday. The bike ride killed me. I had to use one of there public
toilets because the bike ride made me have to go. I couldn’t even
close the door to hide my shame. Then as I sat there thinking this is
humiliating D+C came in my head. “The Son of Man hath descended below
them all. Art thou greater than he?” Then I gave a talk on that.
That’s right I thought of a talk while in can. And it was actually
pretty good even though it had to be through a translator.  I also
told them that the reason those members were there was because God
knew their potential and trusted them. I have to admit I think that
was probably more for me than for them. It was a pretty good day
sunday. We had to leave the apartment to do numbers because we have no
network in our place. I’m in a village!!. Anyways I’m totally game for
thanksgiving at that time. Just as long as I’m used to American food
by then I won’t mind. Even if I’m not I’m game. It’s awesome being in
Kariyuki’s zone again. Should be fun. Oh and we went and helped some
people to go farm. Papa Albert. I may have promised Kylie to marry
him. Sorry Kylie. He’s cool though. He’s fun, friendly, loving, the
only catch is he’s 81 yrs. old. That part might be hard but you’ll
pull through. And right now we actually need to get back to real
missionary work so I’ll leave it there. Love ya’ll. Remember your son
in the bush.
onnipa no wei a hu
Elder Holder000


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