E-Mail 7/8/2013

Dear Family,

 So the long awaited day has come. I have been transferred. Who thought it would’ve happened? As it turns out they’re actually whitewashing my area. Um… well they’re splitting the zone into into two so we’re going to be the kojokrom zone. And the new zone leaders are going to take our area. My companion is going some place and I’m going to Nuamakrom. It’s in Twifa Praso. I’m going to a village. Some kind of village. Apparently I’ll have to go and email on Tuesday because there’s nowhere to go in my place so we’ll just do it after District meeting on Tuesdays. My new companion is Elder William. Who is from Liberia. check that out. My first Liberian companion. I’m also going to the zone where Elder Kariyuki is zone leader. Heck Ya!!!!. I’m actually really excited. I am sad that I’m leaving kojokrom especially since it will take a sec for the new zl’s to get the hang of it. But to be honest I don’t feel like I was sent to kojokrom for the area. I feel like I went there for missionaries. To kind of focus on missionaries. How they work, what motivates them, different strengths and weakness. The only thing is those skills aren’t really going to help me where I’m going. I got released as a DL so I don’t really know why have those skills. It kind of seems pointless to me now. But I suppose I can use them for members and investigators. I assume that this will be my last area. I only have 3 transfers left so to send me anywhere would be kind of pointless. This also the first time I’ve felt to have people sign my journal. Before it was like oh I’ll see you again, no worries. But now I’m looking at all these people and I probably won’t see many of them again. Two people from my zone are going home and it was weird. One is Elder Kinikini from Utah, sort of. And I don’t know if you guys remember Elder Abioye. He’s the one I used to run with in Winneba. I’ll put something a little spiritual in about obedience. I’ve really noticed these last two transfers that you can have a portion of the spirit proportional to how obedient you are. I’ve seen many guys they’re good guys always trying to be good. But they don’t follow the small things.When your with them you can feel the difference.  You can feel that the spirit isn’t as strong with them. A few I don’t know what they’re doing but I know that they are doing something because of the kind of spirit I feel when I’m with them. It’s just like motivation to do what I’ve been asked. I’ve also thought lately if I had been the missionary to come and teach myself however many years ago, would I have converted myself? Would I have been able to teach by the spirit, to have a strong enough testimony to convert me? A really humbling thought.  As for now I got the familyhistory stuff reserved finally so I’m going to print those off. Just saying bye’s to people and then next week I’ll be in village. Talk to ya’ll then.
From your soon to be Krasini,
Elder Holder
 I will be home to see Carly before she leaves. Nov. 13 baby. Whoo!!!

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