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E-Mail 7/23/2013

Dear ole Family,

    Sorry to hear about the lack of support from others it reminds me
of a scripture I shared with you before in Mosiah ch. 18. I forget the
verse. But Alma is talking about pretty much signs of conversion. He
asks are you willing to mourn with those who mourn and to comfort
those who stand in need of comfort. Even Sodom and Gormorrah were not
only destroyed because of chastity issues but because they didn’t help
the orphans or the widows. They despised the poor and the needy.
Pretty much they weren’t serving one another. Only the truly converted
will do those things. So ya. Anyways my week was good. To be honest I
don’t feel like I have to work as hard to get stuff done. Like there’s
a lot of work to do here still but to be honest I’m not needing to try
as hard. Sometimes I feel like I just show up and lessons happen.
Dude, it’s kind of nice actually. I’m used to trying to do so much
more just to teach someone. I don’t have to do that here. I will admit
I feel tired a lot more of the time. I’m hoping that’s just because of
transfers and now I’ll be coming out of it. Elder William is quite
enjoyable and I’m having a lot more fun than I did with my old
companion. We spent a few days in kenkuase which turned into a finding
day. The other day in kenkuase we had splits and I went with Elder
Barnett from England to their area. It was different than what I had
expected. My mindset of Elder Barnett was different than who he was.
It was good. He actually has the fever which I didn’t seem to expect
from person from england. The fever being totally attracted to black
girls. He was actually very open minded about it. Interesting. I’m
actually with him right now. My companion went with Kariyuki to
another part of the zone to do some business. As for Bishop Opoku
calling me okukuseku. Well my fante name is Kwabena Okukuseku. I
intorduced myself as that and now that’s all he remembers. It means
onnipa no wei a hu. The man is fearful. Like don’t fear ghosts and
spirits but man is the one who will get you. Something like that. As
for the bikes well on splits Elder William popped his tire. So we need
to fix it. The only problem is obviously we don’t have any tools, or
anything to work on it. We’re trying to find some otherwise we’ll have
to walk. My companion doesn’t want to walk. This week nothing specail
is happening. We’re working on a few people ummm, nothing special. I
guess that’s all I have for you this week. Oh and I’m planning on
sending a letter to Justen at some point. I just haven’t gotten around
to it yet. Sorry. But at least it’s written. Now we’ll just see if I
can send it off. Lve you guys sorry not too spiritual this week. Talk
to you later.
Elder Hordel.


E-Mail 7/16/2013

Dear Family,

Soooo I know I told you that I was going to village but I don’t think
you understand. I’m in a VILLAGE!. I didn’t even fully understand. It
takes like 20 or 30 minutes to get to a town that actually has things.
There’s one building in Nuamakrom that’s above one story. It’s
freakin’ awesome. Sooo ya I’m loving the new area. It’s very different
from the other places I’ve served. The people are sweet and it looks
like they just need a few pushes in the right direction to get the
church going a little bit better. Nuamakrom is up in Praso which is
pretty far from my old area. The reason I was whitewashed was so they
could put zone leaders into my old area because it became a zone.
Elder William is a good guy. My biggest complaint is the eating habits
that I now have to have. He makes a stew and thats pretty much what we
have to eat until it’s finished. I hate eating the same thing every
day. It causes death for my soul. The other thing is there isn’t
anything to buy in our little village to enjoy. By the way I probably
won’t be able to enjoy anything on my birthday so I dunno if you want
to send some sweet stuff or something I’d be cool with that. Also
probably don’t expect too much with pictures because the connection
here is bad. Anyways we’ll be working a lot with Bishop Opoku who
knows me as okukuseku more than elder holder. There’s a few things
that we’ll have to push with the ward members. Oh we also cover
another remote village called Kenkuase. It’s like a 45 min. bike ride
from Nuamakrom. It’s more village than Nuamakrom. We meet in a local
school and I was greatly humbled when we went there for church on
Sunday. The bike ride killed me. I had to use one of there public
toilets because the bike ride made me have to go. I couldn’t even
close the door to hide my shame. Then as I sat there thinking this is
humiliating D+C came in my head. “The Son of Man hath descended below
them all. Art thou greater than he?” Then I gave a talk on that.
That’s right I thought of a talk while in can. And it was actually
pretty good even though it had to be through a translator.  I also
told them that the reason those members were there was because God
knew their potential and trusted them. I have to admit I think that
was probably more for me than for them. It was a pretty good day
sunday. We had to leave the apartment to do numbers because we have no
network in our place. I’m in a village!!. Anyways I’m totally game for
thanksgiving at that time. Just as long as I’m used to American food
by then I won’t mind. Even if I’m not I’m game. It’s awesome being in
Kariyuki’s zone again. Should be fun. Oh and we went and helped some
people to go farm. Papa Albert. I may have promised Kylie to marry
him. Sorry Kylie. He’s cool though. He’s fun, friendly, loving, the
only catch is he’s 81 yrs. old. That part might be hard but you’ll
pull through. And right now we actually need to get back to real
missionary work so I’ll leave it there. Love ya’ll. Remember your son
in the bush.
onnipa no wei a hu
Elder Holder000

E-Mail 7/8/2013

Dear Family,

 So the long awaited day has come. I have been transferred. Who thought it would’ve happened? As it turns out they’re actually whitewashing my area. Um… well they’re splitting the zone into into two so we’re going to be the kojokrom zone. And the new zone leaders are going to take our area. My companion is going some place and I’m going to Nuamakrom. It’s in Twifa Praso. I’m going to a village. Some kind of village. Apparently I’ll have to go and email on Tuesday because there’s nowhere to go in my place so we’ll just do it after District meeting on Tuesdays. My new companion is Elder William. Who is from Liberia. check that out. My first Liberian companion. I’m also going to the zone where Elder Kariyuki is zone leader. Heck Ya!!!!. I’m actually really excited. I am sad that I’m leaving kojokrom especially since it will take a sec for the new zl’s to get the hang of it. But to be honest I don’t feel like I was sent to kojokrom for the area. I feel like I went there for missionaries. To kind of focus on missionaries. How they work, what motivates them, different strengths and weakness. The only thing is those skills aren’t really going to help me where I’m going. I got released as a DL so I don’t really know why have those skills. It kind of seems pointless to me now. But I suppose I can use them for members and investigators. I assume that this will be my last area. I only have 3 transfers left so to send me anywhere would be kind of pointless. This also the first time I’ve felt to have people sign my journal. Before it was like oh I’ll see you again, no worries. But now I’m looking at all these people and I probably won’t see many of them again. Two people from my zone are going home and it was weird. One is Elder Kinikini from Utah, sort of. And I don’t know if you guys remember Elder Abioye. He’s the one I used to run with in Winneba. I’ll put something a little spiritual in about obedience. I’ve really noticed these last two transfers that you can have a portion of the spirit proportional to how obedient you are. I’ve seen many guys they’re good guys always trying to be good. But they don’t follow the small things.When your with them you can feel the difference.  You can feel that the spirit isn’t as strong with them. A few I don’t know what they’re doing but I know that they are doing something because of the kind of spirit I feel when I’m with them. It’s just like motivation to do what I’ve been asked. I’ve also thought lately if I had been the missionary to come and teach myself however many years ago, would I have converted myself? Would I have been able to teach by the spirit, to have a strong enough testimony to convert me? A really humbling thought.  As for now I got the familyhistory stuff reserved finally so I’m going to print those off. Just saying bye’s to people and then next week I’ll be in village. Talk to ya’ll then.
From your soon to be Krasini,
Elder Holder
 I will be home to see Carly before she leaves. Nov. 13 baby. Whoo!!!



Dear Family,
  Well once again I’m going to try and make this fast so I can hopefully do the familyhistory. To be honest I’m not sure if it will work on this computer. but we’ll give it a shot. Also my temper is starting is starting to come back. I need something to let it out on. Goodness gracious. I don’t know what to do with it. Aside from that I’m doing alright. Some heavy hitters are leaving this next week. One of them is in my district. The former AP. It’s going to be weird seeing them gone. After that only 4 months. The mission conference was good. The topic was atonement and repentance. Everything else was just so the mission could run smoother. One thing that stuck out to me was when Pres. was talking on the atonement he stated the a list of consequences for sin. One of them was like losing knowledge and light.
Now when the Saviour was in the garden of gethsemane he suffered all these consequences. When he did his sacrifice he thought he was giving up his own salvation and exaltation. He didn’t know what the outcome would be. The only thing he did know was that it was God’s will that needed to be done. Puts kind of a greater impact on the sacrifice that
he did. The rest of the week was just kind of slow. Had a few splits with people where you see the potential of what they could become. Some times of just chilling. As for this week it’s transfer news. Right now I might be the bad companion but oh  my.  I’m tired of being angry all the time. I haven’t felt like this since before I was baptized.  Anyways we have water again which is good. We just need to clean our apartment now. Um.. tell Kathy I don’t know an elder doolin. Ask which mission he went to. There’s three in ghana right now. Kumasi, accra, Cape coast, and I think they just created another accra mission. It will depend on which one he went to. Have fun for 4th of July. I’ll probably be chanting america somewhere. Um thanks for unreserving the thing. I’m going to go and try it now. Bye bye family. Good news next week.
Elder Holder