E-Mail 6/24/2013

Dear Family,

As for today I’m going to try and be somehow fast. I’m going to try and print off the ordinance request forms for G-pa Holder today but I have to go into the family history website. Last week was interesting. Our combined meeting was good and pres. did a more in depth plan of salvation lesson then he has before. A lot of it was familiar but then some of it wasn’t. It’s kind of interesting of just having thoughts or things you learned in study and then having someone else say it. Just like a confirmation of what we learned. We then just kind of moseyed the rest of the week. We went on splits with some other elders on Friday and I think it was needed. For both them and us. They were just kind of having some companionship problems and we kind of were too. But things seem to be resolved now. That was a fun night though. That day was like perfect missionary work. We worked but had fun doing it. It was the first time I had felt uplifted from lessons and it actually made me want to improve. Just a testimony of what having the right companion, living the gospel, and having happiness can do for you. We did a service project on Saturday. It wasn’t really put together well but we got a lot done. We cleaned out a small river of water and dug a deeper gutter so when it rained it wouldn’t flood.Sunday was alright and now we’re here. As for your experience with sister winters that is sweet. Sometimes I feel like missionaries don’t spend enough time teaching that God does love the people we’re among. I don’t think some even understand that really. I remember having this thought when talking to a really stubborn guy on the street. It was like you know God created the whole universe. He has all power, all knowledge, and is the greatest being involved in our existence. Do you really think he needs you? Honestly, God doesn’t need us. But with all that in mind he still wants you. That’s how important we are to him. So you God doesn’t need you to come to church but he sure does want you to. I think its like that for many things. We have a mission conference this Wednesday and it will be the beginning of the end. Let me lay it out for ya. Two weeks later a pretty good sized group leaves. Some heavy hitters is what I like to call them. Then another good sized group leaves. Then a bigger group of just experience. And then wouldn’t you know it, My Gosh dang group is going home. We’re a big group too. By the end of this year this mission will be completely changed. It’s awesome but this conference will probably be the last time we see a lot of guys on mission. It’s weird to think about. Then as for water it ran out again. They’re bringing a water truck and we’re working with the water company trying to get it figured out. but that’s all the news I have for ya. Talk to ya’ll next week. ” Be strong and of good courage. Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee, whithersoever thou goest” Josh. 1:9
Anyways talk to ya next week.
Elder Holder

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