E-Mail 6/17/2013

Dear Family,

 This last week was….slow. That’s pretty much all I need to say about that. We are working on getting some new people to teach and it’s been hard to catch them at their houses. and or shops. We have a few people I’m hopeful for. One sister esther. She was coming before but stopped when she had a baby and it’s only been a month since and she started coming again. sort of. She missed yesterday but I think she’ll come along. We got some referrals from the ward yesterday but I’m a bit reluctant to follow up. Most of the referrals we get aren’t either serious or ever home. Some of them have been given before and it was impossible to meet them. We should be having a service project on saturday which is something I need I think. I need some things to break up the next few weeks until transfer. Tomorrow is a combined District this thing and pres. coming to answer questions and stuff. Soo funny story. I was talking to a member who teaches smaaaaall children. “Do you use the cane on them when they misbehave?” and she was like no they’re too small she uses her finger. So I said “If it was me I would take belt and do it” and she said “oh no, no, no, you don’t need to use a belt, that’s what a cane is for”. So caning is an act of mercy. Interesting thought huh. It’s also the same member who when I implied that pres. was coming tomorrow to come and send us home for being disobedient and stuff she said ” It is never true. Only those who aren’t faithful get sent home, and you can tell the ones who are and aren’t faithful.” I felt special and loved for that moment and then we continued on our way. If today is anything to go off I’m starting to be a bit more proactive again. I cleaned our nasty bathroom that had mold growing finally. It doesn’t look perfect but it does look better. Then I cleaned the kitchen before we left for here. While there were 6 other missionaries chilling in the apartment talking. I got something done. There’s a problem with our water right now so we’ve been having to conserve and I think we’re actually doing a pretty good job. that reminds me that I need to call the water company today and see what’s going on.Ya so I don’t actually have that much to say sooo. I’ll leave with something I wrote last year august talking about mission. “Mission is hard. My back’s sore, I’m sick, and tired everyday and just challenging me. But there’s no other place I’d rather be.” So I know I write you guys about all the hard stuff but hey I know why I’m here so don’t worry about a thing. Because every little thing is gonna be alright. Much loves,
From The is am bestest
Elder Holder

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