E-Mails and Photos 6/3/2013

Dear Family,

 So ya um this week has been fun. Well given your response I hope you guys didn’t actually tell pres. That usually comes back to me in a somehow negative way. It’s good you guys have been busy and stuff. My busyness has gone down quite a bit since the district got split. Only three companionships, one district with two slow areas and one just starting. Could have taken a little too much responsibility but oh well. This past week was just getting back on my feet. Then the other guys in our apartment got whitewashed so we took a day or so to kind of get them settled in, show them their area and stuff. I’m sooooo glad that today is sub day so I can buy cereal again. I have been missing my corn flakes for awhile now. I need more. Also I want to buy more fruit than I have been just to add a little bit variety to my rice and stew diet. Or gari soakings. or rice and stew again. Well I’m happy that Patrick was finally baptized and he’s doing well. I’m not sure about the other people in our area. There’s quite a few that I see, since I’m now so experienced a missionary with only 5 months to go jk, that have potential. Some real spirit inviting lessons and just a bit of prayer and luck and they could come but also it will take work. I haven’t been able to get us to work harder yet. I did a lesson a few weeks ago on making miracles happen. And well for the most you usually have to do more with lots of faith and in my companionship we’re doing work anyhow. We can be doing better but we’re not. So I’m not expecting too much to happen in kojokrom. I did have a cool sacrament meeting though. The past week I’ve just been kind of ornery. I think that’s a word? Then the bishopric asked me to give the opening prayer and so I would sit at the stand. Sitting there looking at the people as they came in and watching them throughout sacrament it was like “I love these people” Even as the sacrament came I just felt comfort so it was nice to kind of cancel out my orneriness. That word does not look right to me so I hope you  understand what it’s supposed to mean. cranky I guess. there we go maybe that helps. Alright and the other two guys in our apartment is E. kitchen from Utah. He’s got 3 months to go home. He’s funny and I we talk about whatever which helps. And E. Moffet who he’s training. That kid isn’t going to be home until 2015. Can you believe that? That’s far O. He’s also from utah but he’s cool. He’s just getting used to everything. Um… ya I do know E. Mthalane. He was in my district a little while ago. Even he’s training now in Elmina.  He seemed cool. He was always smiling when I saw him so. As for water it’s no problem we just call and get a water truck so that we can fill up our tanks to go do those silly unimportant things like drinking, bathing, and washing. We do have to go talk to the water company though. Our city line hasn’t been working for two weeks now. We’ll figrue it out. Anywyas I need to email one or two more people ad my time is almost up sorry. Pics take a chunk of time. Love ya, Peace out. Until next week,
Your best,
Elder Holder
Elder Holder on a Ghana Beach

Elder Holder on a Ghana Beach


Elder Holder Eating Pizza

Elder Holder Eating Pizza


Elder Holder At The Apartment Before Transfers

Elder Holder At The Apartment Before Transfers


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