E-Mail 6/10/2013

Dear Family,

 So I don’t like reading your letters where you just tell me I’ve been a depressed little kid for the past 6 months. It makes me feel sad and depressed. Well I just finished the updates you sent me and well freakin’ ya!!! Justen will be around when I get back. As for now I just helped my companion figure out his email address. The problem was that he was unable to get into his email. Before he didn’t even know you could email people outside of myldsmail. Soo he wasn’t. I don’t think that will be a problem anymore. Things around are stable… I’ll say I’m fine in the apartment and just around chilling but when it comes to work with my companion I don’t do so well. I’ll admit we just haven’t clicked as well as some of my companions. I know I’m a part of the problem it’s not just him but well ya. Maybe when I come home (in 5 months) I’ll tell you guys whatever was going on.As for this past week it was pretty dead. People failing constantly and we dropped someone. We need to pick up a few. Even though it’s a ton easier I have not been as a good of DL. It’s not that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to I’m just not as proactive as I used to be. You can tell because the apartment isn’t as clean as it used to be. I’m not coordinating as many fun activities or at least trying to get them to come on. Just I got lazy for whatever reason so now I’m trying to get back to being proactive. Elder Moffitt,the new missionary in the apartment, is well he’s new. It’s kind of cool just to see how we all started out when we came. I remember having the same attitudes that he does and now I’m just awesome. Today we went to a cocoa factory which was pretty cool. If you look at the capecoast blog you’ll probably see us on it. So for the last few weeks I’ve been studying the word remember in the book of mormon. so far I’ve found it about 150 times. I’m only about 3rd nephi. It’s been interesting on the things we’re supposed to remember. When I finish I send a definite number to you. well not too much to talk about now. I’ll admit I am waiting for the next transfer but ok no buts. I need a change. Things’ll get better one way or another. Smell ya later.

Your beloved son,

Elder Holder


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