E-Mail 5/27/2013

Dear Family,

 Sorry for last week. My companion doesn’t really have anything to do on the computer so he doesn’t care as much to go and email. So I was unable to do anything last week.  Even this week I almost didn’t come. So transfers just came and I’m still in  kojokrom. The district has been split though. I won’t be over 12 missionaries anymore. Which though it seemed as though things were getting better I was still worn out. Both the old and new districts will be 6 man districts, a lot more manangable. I have to admit last Saturday I was dead. Though we did have a sweet baptism. Patrick was finally baptized with three children of record. We ended up having to piggy back another companionships baptism and as it turned out who is the only one that showed up. Kojokrom ward. Who conducted. Kojokrom ward. Who baptized, Kojokrom ward. Who did the music, was the witnesses, and at the last second made the baptism go on, KOJOKROM WARD!!. Straight up. I was proud of them that day.The baptism was the only thing keeping me going that day after that I was finished. My zone leader can testify to that. We were on splits that day. We did not give them a good day at all. Also we’ve been out of water for maybe 6 days now. That part has been kind of suck. We’re getting a water tanker tomorrow to fill up our storage tanks. I also did get letters from the Justen and Terri. Which was sweet I just need to write back now. As for Jennifer we’ve kind of stopped teaching her. She isn’t ready to go the extra mile. We were able to get sister Faustina to come to church though. She has some similar things as Sis. Jennifer did with the husband but she promised to come and she did. She’s actually one person I’m hoping will be baptized in the next month or so. A few members brought some friends to church but for the most part they will probably go to other missionaries. I wish I could remember all the other things that have been happening this week. Oh wait I got one then I’ll be finished because my companion still needs to do wash and then we have to go to FHE. So I went to go do an interview for Eshiem elders. I sat and talked with the guy and well I was having to teach him alot with every question that came forward. I was like what are the elders doing. By the end his attendance wasn’t good for church so I couldn’t pass him. Right as we left the area of the interview the other elder got up and we went straight to the main part of this village and spoke to the branch pres. The elder didn’t really say anything to me. We sat down and the branch pres. asked how it went and then the elder deferred to me. I said for him to be taught a bit more and to come to church more. The  BP said ok. After I asked the elder about it and he said The BP was the one pushing for the guy to be baptized so soon. So he wanted the BP to hear it from me. I was like ok. There was another one with Linda from Sofokrom. She seemed alright in the interview not great but alright. But something didn’t feel right. So I told the elders to teach something and then we’ll try the next week. She happened to not be there. A day or two ago one of the elders told me that he thinks that she has committment issues and that maybe she isn’t ready to be baptized. I was like OK. Sweet now i have a reason for not feeling good about the interview. Just a few good experiences I suppose. I know I don’t have many but I got a few. As I have looked at the past few months I can see that they’ve been preparing me for something. I thought that something was going to come this transfer but since I’m still in the same place maybe not. But I’ve really seen all the things I’ve learned from different areas and companions. It’s been sweet. I just want to know what has it been for? We’ll find out in the next six weeks. Thanks Fam,

From yours truly,

Elder Holder

P.S.-If it takes a while to email again it’s not my fault. I’m also probably fine. If I’m not Pres-o Shulz will call you guys.



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