E-Mail 5/6/2013

Dear Family,

 I had a bit of a crappy week. Lets look. Monday we did our normal thing but it wasn’t very much yet when I got home I was just worn out and I didn’t know why.Tuesday Same thing except soreness was added to my ailments. Wednesday I was really slow getting around. Sore and getting tired really fast when I shouldn’t have. Thursday morning woke up at 4 and started making runs to the bathroom. It was mostly water until about 7 when it turned into all water. We went through the day and one point I almost had an accident. Which is really funny but not so much when it happens to you. I was having to go really fast to make it to a toilet at a hopefully open chapel. Thank goodness. Friday it cooled down but was still there. Saturday I was beaten. Same thing as thursday. I was worn out, tired, sore, probably dehydrated. I was hoping the day would finish. So get it? A crappy week. It’s a pun. I made a pun.  Anyways so even with the deadness we still got out. Patrick is being pushed to the end of the month. along with a few Children of Record that apparently no one cares about. Jennifer apparently has a lot of things that will have to be resolved before she can come and be baptized and even just coming to the church. Most of it is with her husband. As for my companion. Some days I love him more than others. I’m working on it. I’ve found that praying to have that love helps a lot. Luckily we’re both even tempered so it never gets too bad. We just get kind of irked at each other and then later on it’s like nothing. Today I pulled out 300 cedis to pay for the roof and stuff.Ummm. Honestly not too much this week. I go out every day and just just try to be effective.  Elder Wheeler sent me his email. He wants to invite you guys to his homecoming on the 12th. As for Mothers day I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Well we don’t have skype close in our area and I don’t know anyone around in my area that has it and well can’t go on sunday. Right now my Zl is checking if we can go on Saturday but if not I’ll call you guys on Sunday. Maybe around 12 your time. Hopefully you’re not in church.  If we can on Saturday I’ll give a quick call to tell you guys. That’s about it for me. Talk to ya later.

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