E-Mail 4/29/2013

Dear Family,

  So due to circumstances that are were a little obnoxious last week I was unable to come to a cafe. As you have plainly seen. Now I’m here this week after having a successful district activity with the great powers of the world conspiring against me and others to keep me from succeeding. I will explain. I have been a district leader here for not even two weeks. I’ve had to devote at least five days of them for interviews which I was unable to split because my companion is still new to the area. On top of that our phone stopped making calls making it very hard to be able to coordinate things. Then trying to get reports and stuff for whoever. Then random power outages and trying to get the ward to do a little bit more so kojokrom can be awesome. Aside from that trying to keep this district activity organized. District feast. Well gosh dang it if I didn’t defy the odds and tell the world ” I won’t go down without a fight!” At some point last week I was at the point of being overwhelmed and falling apart when I made that statement to the world. This week I feel like I can handle it a lot better than before. My new companion is a good guy he does have a few habits I need to break him on. That was another thing, I needed to learn to love my companion a little bit more which I’ll admit I might not have been trying as hard but now I’ve seen a noticeable change. The boy Patrick is still to be baptized it will take at least another two weeks or so. We have to review with him and then this sunday we are watching general conference at the stake center. We got one of our older investigators to come to church finally. The only thing is I’m not sure if she will keep coming to church. Then another that we’re trying but the husband is indirectly stopping her from coming. and it’s impossible to meet him so I’m not real sure what we can do. Pres. is coming this week for interviews and for a district meeting. I have some few questions for him that I now need to remember and I’m half wondering if I should ask him if I can leave kojokrom. It isn’t that I don’t like it I just don’t feel like I’m here for the area. If that makes sense. I’m just kind of here right now. I’m still working and stuff but I don’t know. Anyways if he does I already have it figured out what should happen to the district. My companion should train, Elder Baird , another member of district, would be the DL. If they were smart they would shift some few people around in apartments but it would basically be the same. Because I just kind of am not having fun here anymore I’m starting to get crazy ideas to do stuff. Not bad things or even dangerous just not the normal this things. Just kind of out there type things. So the computer I’m on apparently had someone watching iron man 3 before I got on and my question is why didn’t you tell me that iron man 3 was out. I feel like that kind of important. So our district feast that I talked about was salmon, yes we somehow managed to find salmon in our area,. with lime and we cooked some fried rice along with it. It was good. Congrats to Baird, Lelea, and Kinikini for being the cooks for us. Aside from having to deal with DL stuff that’s about it for me. Oh and Kariuki still wants those pics of the girls. Remember 5 ft. 6, pretty, and a healthy weight. so signing out. Oh and Kylie my trainer elder Wheeler is going to be home this week. Wednesday if you and the family want to welcome him home with whatever. Alright peace out ,
from this your son,
Elder Holder

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