E-Mail 4/15/2013

Dear Family,

  Well I don’t really know what to say. I guess grandma is doing alright now but Now great grandpa is gone. Sorry. This past week was a downer for teaching. Every single day was dead. We had one woman as we taught the restoration come and say from her own mouth that we need to find the true church and that it’s The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Then we asked if she would join it and that was where she had trouble. Sad day. We’ll see if she is able to make those first few steps and start coming. Then we had similar lesson with a boy who had been taught before and he accepted a baptsim date for this month. It surprised me because it came kind of suddenly. We’re running low on investigators so we’re going to start building up again. I did organize a pizza day for us but I didn’t get to enjoy. Luckily I still got pizza and it was good. Before I forget transfer news. So Pres. Shulz thougth I was doing such a great job here that he decided to make me temporary mission president while he goes and visits a loved one in the hospital back home. He’ll only be gone for maybe 3 or 4 weeks so not even a whole transfer but he feels I’m up for the challenge. Jk. Really E. Kariuki is leaving me and now I’m getting my first Nigerian companion, E. macauley. Oh and I’m also a DL again. shucks. The Ap is coming down and training in my district. The kojokrom ward is powerful in that even though our building got moved farther away people still come. Better yet the people who didn’t come last week are beginning to continue to come. I will have to talk to my new companion but I already have a goal in mind for us. To help attendance grow to the point that we can’t stay in the new building simply because it won’t hold us. This will be done by RC’s and reactivativation. I gotta figure out how to get it going though. A cool experience though. We are supposed to get some things called gospel conversations. 35 a week. Usually we don’t get. sooo yesterday we were at 31. We needed 4. Instead of going back to our usual walking routine I said let’s go here and go get the 4 in some other place. We go and talk to some people. I was ready to walk somewhere to get the last one and my companion says that he’s going to sit in some spot and wait for the last guy to come. Then that guy came and he’s talking to him. then a girl walks up and says “please can I talk to you?” I figure ok. As it turns out she was baptized two years ago and then her parents seperated and now her mom doesn’t let her come to church. She wants us to come and talk to to her at her house. hmmm ok. So she shows us her house so we can find her later in the week. I just wonder what would have happened if we went our normal routine. I don’t really have any news to share. and we’re going to have trouble geetting home tonight so I’ll end there. Love ya latas,
Elder Holder


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