E-Mail 4/8/2013

Dear Family,
    So before i forget I got a dear elder from Mckay. It was nice except that he wrote the entire thing in spanish. (sigh) So a few guys could read a little spanish and what they got out of it surprised me. One of them got that Justen and amanda were like together and the other one said that Amanda was pregnant. If you could tell mckay to send the letter in english I would very much appreciate it. Well this past week was alirght. We ‘re starting to see the people who are looking more serious than others. I imagine that soon we’ll be dropping a few people. Aside from that we have two people wtih baptism dates but we’re waiting to see the answers that they recieve from their prayers before we make it set in stone. We also just moved to a new building in a other area. Logically the building is farther away from our area and actually makes it harder t for the member to come but that being said we did have a goode number come still.. My new motto for Kojokrom is seperating the baptized from the converted. It’s  going to be tough but we’ll just have to make it work. This is week 6 of the transfer and to be honest I don’t thingk I’m going to  be with my Kenyan for another transfer. We had a secret zone conference last tuesday. The reason I say secret is that Pres. didn’t tell anyone that it was conference just taht he was coming to our districtt meeting. then lo and beho0ld the other zone was there. That Pres. he got us again. Thanks for the conference updates Theyll probably be the most I get until next month when we watch in church and then get our Liahona or ensigns or whatever.I also found today that our mission is out of planners. So that’s fun. I’m not ectually sure what I’m going to do yet but we can figure out. The black and yellow spider went away but we found bigger ones just outside our compund. I was surprised to find them that big. Called af ew people yesterday from Bakaano and then got sick of eating rice and beans. We had already eaten those things for like two days so me and my companion were like ughhhand we waited until today to break the cycle. the sisters that I came with on mission are going home next week. It’s sign of the times. As for Kariuki I think you just need to find pics of girls that fit the criteria if you know who they are that’s just a plus. Not too much else to report on. Talk to ya later? or possibly now.
Elder Holder


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