E-Mail 4/1/2013

Oh Dear Family,

To start I sincerely did try last week. My companion and I figured
we’d try the cafe in our area. we made a few calls and found out that
the power was off in our place so we waited some hours. Then we
decided to go with the other guys in our apartment to a place in their
area. I was able to open and read one email and then the power went
off. So we trekked back to our area and found that the power had come
back. We found our cafe. We started using it I finished reading the
emails from last week when yet again the power went off. So we gave up
for the day and decided to try on the morrow for district meeting. We
got in and everything but then those computers wouldn’t let us into
Myldsmail. We each tried maybe 3 different computers. We decided to
give up on that for the week. The week before I don’t think too much
happened. and then this week when I finally realized that easter was
coming I decided to read the account of the sacrament, suffering in
gethsemane, trial and condemnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of
Jesus Christ in the 4 gospels, followed by Jesus the Christ, and a new
testament manual for institute to kind of be prepared for easter. It
was nice. Kept me busy. Build here a little and there a little. Then
sacrament on Sunday was half about missionary work because one of our
members is leaving to Lagos Nigeria this week. One member gave a good
talk in which he used one of my favorite hymns,I stand all
amazed,-193. I also bought ice cream for our apartment to enjoy sunday
night. Strawberry frosty bite. it was all right. All our investigators
are seeming halfway right now. I can’t tell if there ready to progress
or not. I had a bad dream on saturday so I was kind of dead that day.
I didn’t really care what we did so it ended up flopping. Oh, one day
we were teaching this kid Kenneth when lo a woman comes out of nowhere
shouting. I turn around and her entire front is covered in blood. It’s
running down her face and arms and clothes. She had been cut in her
forehead by someone over a disagreement. The entire area went into
unrest and we discontinued the lesson. I also thought of “Be of good
cheer, I have overcome the world” I remember reading Talmage this week
about when all those things were happening to the Savior he never got
angry or upset. He never gratified himself. As Talmage said he truly
overcame the world. I’m trying to think of spiritual insights from the
past weeks but I think I was goofing off too much this morning to
remember any. though I will admit I am still trying to figure out what
I’m doing in Kojokrom. anyways back to this morning. So there’s a
black and yellow spider that has been sitting in one of our trash cans
outside for who knows how long. This morning as I cleaned I decided
that we should try to catch something and put in the web so we can
watch it kill and eat it. Our attempts proved fruitless. We tried
other smaller spiders, a fly, some other flying insect but we couldn’t
get it in the web. Then we found like a caterpillar or something like
that. It was in a cocoon. and we got it in the web and the spider
looked like it bit it but nothing happened. So we hoped that it would
do it later. This one was supposed to be for last week. Since Mckay
doesn’t want to be my brother in law I have a solution. There are a
few guys in my apartment that may be interested. He”s Zimbabwean and
his name is Elder Jakopo. I don’t see that going anywhere but more
importantly my trainer will be home in May. May 1st to be exact. He
might be a little chubby but let him work it off he’ll be a stud. oh
also for last week can you guys do my kenyan companion a favor. Find
and send pics of girls around 5 ft. 6 and that aren’t chubby but not
too slim. He wants to see if could like American girls. Now that I
remember some of last weeks email. You asked if I thought I had
changed. I do. Though I actually think i’m less serious than before.
You guys always talk about how spiritual kylie has been since she got
home and it makes me nervous because I don’t feel that way at all. I’m
not saying I don’t feel the spirit just I dunno. oh and when I send
you guys emails it isn’t to complain or I’m miserable I’m just telling
you guys straight what’s been going on. It doesn’t mean I’m not
enjoying. You can even talk to preso shulz. I remember telling him way
long ago that if I had family to go back to every night I could do
this for however long. Well aside from that all is well.  I’m doin
good and thanks for the brownies. Talk to you guys later.
From the one, the only,
Elder Holder


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