E-Mail 3/18/2013

Dear Ye Olde Family,

  The week was slow. I have to admit I thought Elder Kariuki and I would tear this place up but as it turns out his idea of work and my idea of work are a little bit different. He wants to take it easy so we’re kind of slow getting out of the house and stuff. I then discovered that I apparently have a hard time taking it easy. I start to go crazy when we’re sitting in the house too long in the morning and I gotta get out. Plus I realized our apartment is one of the most consistently hot places ever. It almost never cools down, not at night or in the morning. We don’t have any solid investigators right now. We’re trying to get some but so far teh people are so so. I haven’t been real impressed with this area. We’re back to having off and on meetings. The power in our area is out just about half the time. Which if I don’t send an email one week is probably why. We had to come all the way to town today because of that and even there isn’t really a cafe in our area. We were see if could find one today but there was no power. It’s also not completely worth it to come all the way to town just to email. So we’ll see. Nothing exciting has really happened this week. We had stake conference yesterday. I found out the stake presidency here is getting released and that the africa west area pres. will also be released in the next few months. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with Kojo Krom. I kind of don’t want to stay here for too long. As for my old companion he’s still struggling. He’s just thinking about home too much but I have to say I’m starting to get annoyed with how much he’s texting me. It’s a little bit too much.E. Kariuki is sweet. Calm, controlled, and when there’s something to do effective. thanks for reminding me I actually did call Zeb this week. During our 24 hr. no power spat I gave him a call. I think it might”ve fallen a little flat because I was unprepared. Like I had thought of what to say but I had tried a few times already the day before and the day before that but the call didn’t go through. Even that night I was calling the third time when he answered so I was caught off guard. I didn’t have too much to say but just said it would be worth it. Then I just had like a cold or something of the sort. What’s going on with G-ma rosie. Why is she acting this way?I’ll remember her in prayers and thoughts. Too much is going on right now. My trainer is getting ready to go home. His girlfriend that dear johned him is getting married the May 3rd and he’s going to be home May 1st. He said talk about a kick in the face. The fact that Jenna had a bridal shower just reminded me of that. As for the random other blessings that happened during your guys’ weeks. Cool. Sometimes wish I got see stuff like that here, but maybe I already have. Anyways before I sign off Mom, I have to thank you again for cleaning up after us. Last week I had to spend time cleaning the shower because there was mold growing on the wall tile. Today I had to go the extra mile in the kitchen cleaning up soggy soot from under the stove and cleaning the walls too. I’m starting to look at all the things that need to be cleaned. Like the countless spiderwebs on the walls. Or the random dirt stains on the floor. Or some mysterious spot that for some reason people didn’t think to  look for before. Sigh. I’m also tired of rice in the pots being left in our pots for days at a time. Or food stuff being left to mold. So thank you.
Sincerely Obaa
Your son,
Elder Holder


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