E-Mail & Photos 3/11/2013

Dear Family,

 Yes I have moved to my new area. Yes I am enjoying E. Kariyuki, the same Kariyuki from the MTC. Now I’m back to phase one of new area syndrome. Realizing that you actually knew people from the old area and they knew you. I will admit the members in this new area have a completely different mindset then any area I’ve been in. They actually want to give referrals and they always talk about what they can do with the missionaries. The only problem is the guy I replaced was not serious at all and so the work has apparently died down momentarily. We have to pick it up a little bit. I have to say my companion doesn’t work as hard as I would like and since I’m new to the area I kind of have to tag along until I figure things out. But I’m ready to tear this place up. Literally. The morning after transfers I had to make a call to Pres. that went like this. “Hello, Pres. Thank you I’m fine. sooooooo do you know how 20 yr. olds sometimes do things that seem like their ok and then afterwards they realize it was a bad idea? Ya I did one of those this morning.” Here’s what happened. I got up and started stretching and stuff and was trying to figure out how morning exercise would be here. I walked around our compound and realized, “hey it’s pretty dang easy to get on the roof. I’ll probably get up there one day.” Walked to the front and then about two minutes later I was on the roof. I started walking towards the front of the house when my foot fell through along with the rest of me. I ended up landing in my room on my companions suitcase with debris falling everywhere and my companion and the other guy looking at what just happened. The next two days were coordinating with the Bybee’s, couple missionaries, and some other few guys to come and fix it. We moved to the next room and cleaned everything up. The worst I got was a few cuts and scrapes and bunch of shame. Which was actually a little bit surprising since it was like a 10 ft. drop. So lucky me. So that’s my fun story of the week. My old companion won’t stop texting us but I enjoy it. The new apartment is a little hot but other than that it’s nice. It seems like I’m going to have to pick up some stuff around here. Nothing else real big to report on. As I learn more about the area I’ll send some more stuff. I’ve also been sick since I got here so that part hasn’t really been helping either. I’ve finally got money so I want to try and call Zeb this week. Just a heads up.Let’s see anything else? Nope that’s about all for now.Talks to ya latas. Say hi to everyone for me.
From the new kid on the block,
Elder Holder


Elder Holder falls through his roof

Elder Holder falls through his roof



Elder Holder and his companion Elder Kariyuki

Elder Holder and his companion Elder Kariyuki


Elder Holder and members

Elder Holder and members



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