E-Mail 3/4/2013

Dearest Family,

   I can’t believe Karlie is going on a mission. Tell her she is too young to go on mission. I don’t care what revelation from the heavens have said. Tell her to enjoy. Well as always it is mega hot here. Even the last few days here has just been killing me. Oh and I am being transferred. I’m going to western region to an area called Kojokrom. I’m gonna be with one of my Mt’s. Elder Kariyuki. He’s from Kenya and can speak Swahili. He even used to be my DL. But now I’m back to being a lowly missionary. I will walk through yesterday which was actually one of the best Sundays I had. It started with church actually being a little empty. Then it started filling as we went. Eric Vanderpuye was passing the sacrament oh and I also had the priviledge of preparing the sacrament the past two sundays. Well it was actually pretty freakin’ awesome. I put the bread on and did the water but the important part was covering “the body and blood” of the Savior with the white cloth. I imagined this is what Joseph of Arimaethea felt with Nicodemus as they took the Saviour’s body and prepared it for burial. It was pretty sweet and Aaronics get to do that every Sunday. It’ ssweet. Anyways to continue the sacrament filled up and I gave my departing testimony and tried to invite everyone to come up and bare theirs. One of the daughters of a member started crying and had to be taken out because she was just crying so much. Then the rest of the sacrament people actually went up and bore their testimonies the entire time. It was sweet. Went out and talked to a few people and saw sis. Hanna. Who almost made me cry. This freakin’ area is trying to turn me into a cry baby. She almost made me cry and then just continued talking to people until we went back to class. At class it was good lesson the same with priesthood. Then finished with my last correlation here. Did the rest of the day taking pics with people. Oh and a guy we blessed last week died. I didn’t actually feel like he was supposed to live but I did my best to do a blessing of comfort. It seems like everyone is having end of transfer tension. There have been reports of fights and arguements breaking out everywhere. My apartment, I accidently started something with one of the ap’s and my companion, other apartments. It’s getting out of control. But only two more days, thank goodness. Hey sorry about Grandpa Glen and other various hardships. Anyways my time is almost up so I’m just gonna play it safe and send this now. Loves from your favorite Mulato son. Be strong and of a good courage.
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


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