E-Mail 2/25/2013

Dearest family,

 So I’m surprised that nothing has been sent this week. I hope nothing serious has happened. Well before I forget I was wondering if you could send me Zeb Black’s phone number and the best time to reach him. I asked mission pres. if I could call him and he said ok. I was a little disappointed when he said I coudn’t call you first because that would have been a ton faster than having to wait a week to ask and then another week to wait for the number. Oh well, that’s just the way it is. If you guys guys could do that that’d be sweet. As for last week, a good chunk of it was to get ready for the fireside last night. Getting programs typed up, Getting the refreshments put together. It was a little stressful. Pretty much us two put everything together. Program, thoughts, refreshments. It was a lot of work but it turned out to be worth it. We had all the senior couples come and 18 other missionaries. It was nice. Mom I used your example of how much others helped in getting you reactivated, I hope that’s ok.  I also used my trainer as an example for how members can help us. We used a bunch of quotes from Preach my Gospel for people to Recite. Had some special songs and senior couples talks and instruction was way good. I had to go outside and start preparing refreshments so I missed most of Pres. Shulz talk or instruction. The part I caught was he kind of called out the Bishop of the ward. Talking about real growth and he said well there haven’t been any baptisms in the ward for the last few months. Why? Pres. asked my companion what our goal was for the ward and we said 4 yet we haven’t gotten one yet for the trimester. That was all I caught of the talk. I just remembered that it was awkward when I went to go help with the refreshments. My companion was conducting the music so I went in by myself with Sis. Mary sackey, Sis. Rhoda, Sis. comfort and a bunch of kids running around. I was like hmmmmm. 3 women and kids. I stepped out for a second and called for another missionary real fast. Then when we shifted outside everything was good. The devotional finished up and we served all the food. Twas good. Finished up and went home. Oh and the power went out like 10 min. after. Good timing. Last night was hot and sweaty until the power came back like 2 or so. In other news it would appear as though it’s the Final Countdown!!!!. I already feel like I’m leaving Bakaano but in addition to that Elder Willyerd, my old companion and new office elder, got the District Leader call today. Why he got it so early I’m not sure. Transfer news shouldn’t be until Saturday but it could be because Willyerd is pretty much right there all the time. At the very least I’m not going to be the District Leader anymore. Probably means I’ll be going somewhere. This will be my last full week in Bakaano most likely. It’s the final countdown. I’ll keep you updated for next week and we’ll see. Well Eric started blessing the sacrament. We need to work on a few things but he’s progressing. We’re also trying to work with a few new investigators. Well we’re trying to make sure they’re serious. That’s all folks. tell Kylie I said hello. and Mckay. and Justen. and Caleb. and whoever else is home. Cya. Oh and those letters should be coming to you soon. I just sent all of them to you to make it easier and not worry about mistakes. You will hopefully get them in another few days or so. Until next week.

From the one, the only

Elder Holder


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