E-Mail 2/18/2013

Dearest Family,
   This last week weren’t so bad. We saw Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Tuesday. I didn’t realize how old he was but he’s actually like old. The interesting thing was that he didn’t like prepare a “talk” for us. He said when he started that he just had some things that he’d been thinking about and that he would talk a little about the slave castle that they went to see and then continue from there. I thought it was interesting. We had a good day that day. Just trying to get out and work hard. I won’t lie I am getting sick of having to be with a companion all the time. Sometimes I feel like I would be more effective by myself. Elder Caleb’s awesome though. He knows how to have fun it’s probably what I need to learn from him. Anyways the rest of the week was kind of meh. Went on splits on Friday, my first 24 hour splits that I’ve done. It was pretty fun. I like the area that I went to. Nkanfoa. It reminds me of my first area. I went with Elder Akpan who’s a cool guy. Then in the evening I got to chill with Elder Willyerd, my old companion. Yesterday was pretty long in that we went to two services. Six hours of church was too much for me.  We went to help them out with their missionary sunday. I gave an opening prayer and my companion conducted. Then later I taught the Elders Quorum which was ok but I’m just a boring teacher especially in front of groups. I think I prefer teaching in smaller settings. Then we came home and I did numbers and once again my area was the worst in numbers. Sigh. It sucks because it’s not all my fault. I’m hoping to send some letters soon especially since they’re very overdo. Uhhhmm. What else? Well I’m sorry to hear about Sister Kment. It’s always sad. Also about Zeb.  If there’s anything I can do to help just tell me. In fact I’m already thinking of something. we’ll see how it pans out. Are there any more cousins baptisms that I’m going to miss while I’m out here. I don’t really want to. Give Kylie a cheer for me. Salute Mckay for me. I’m listening to Rihanna from the guy next to me. His voice isn’t as pretty as hers. hahahaha. Sorry. Anyways I think I’m signing out. Thanks for everything. Peace out from the best Elder ever. So long
Loves the best,
Elder Holder


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