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E-Mail 2/25/2013

Dearest family,

 So I’m surprised that nothing has been sent this week. I hope nothing serious has happened. Well before I forget I was wondering if you could send me Zeb Black’s phone number and the best time to reach him. I asked mission pres. if I could call him and he said ok. I was a little disappointed when he said I coudn’t call you first because that would have been a ton faster than having to wait a week to ask and then another week to wait for the number. Oh well, that’s just the way it is. If you guys guys could do that that’d be sweet. As for last week, a good chunk of it was to get ready for the fireside last night. Getting programs typed up, Getting the refreshments put together. It was a little stressful. Pretty much us two put everything together. Program, thoughts, refreshments. It was a lot of work but it turned out to be worth it. We had all the senior couples come and 18 other missionaries. It was nice. Mom I used your example of how much others helped in getting you reactivated, I hope that’s ok.  I also used my trainer as an example for how members can help us. We used a bunch of quotes from Preach my Gospel for people to Recite. Had some special songs and senior couples talks and instruction was way good. I had to go outside and start preparing refreshments so I missed most of Pres. Shulz talk or instruction. The part I caught was he kind of called out the Bishop of the ward. Talking about real growth and he said well there haven’t been any baptisms in the ward for the last few months. Why? Pres. asked my companion what our goal was for the ward and we said 4 yet we haven’t gotten one yet for the trimester. That was all I caught of the talk. I just remembered that it was awkward when I went to go help with the refreshments. My companion was conducting the music so I went in by myself with Sis. Mary sackey, Sis. Rhoda, Sis. comfort and a bunch of kids running around. I was like hmmmmm. 3 women and kids. I stepped out for a second and called for another missionary real fast. Then when we shifted outside everything was good. The devotional finished up and we served all the food. Twas good. Finished up and went home. Oh and the power went out like 10 min. after. Good timing. Last night was hot and sweaty until the power came back like 2 or so. In other news it would appear as though it’s the Final Countdown!!!!. I already feel like I’m leaving Bakaano but in addition to that Elder Willyerd, my old companion and new office elder, got the District Leader call today. Why he got it so early I’m not sure. Transfer news shouldn’t be until Saturday but it could be because Willyerd is pretty much right there all the time. At the very least I’m not going to be the District Leader anymore. Probably means I’ll be going somewhere. This will be my last full week in Bakaano most likely. It’s the final countdown. I’ll keep you updated for next week and we’ll see. Well Eric started blessing the sacrament. We need to work on a few things but he’s progressing. We’re also trying to work with a few new investigators. Well we’re trying to make sure they’re serious. That’s all folks. tell Kylie I said hello. and Mckay. and Justen. and Caleb. and whoever else is home. Cya. Oh and those letters should be coming to you soon. I just sent all of them to you to make it easier and not worry about mistakes. You will hopefully get them in another few days or so. Until next week.

From the one, the only

Elder Holder


E-Mail 2/18/2013

Dearest Family,
   This last week weren’t so bad. We saw Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Tuesday. I didn’t realize how old he was but he’s actually like old. The interesting thing was that he didn’t like prepare a “talk” for us. He said when he started that he just had some things that he’d been thinking about and that he would talk a little about the slave castle that they went to see and then continue from there. I thought it was interesting. We had a good day that day. Just trying to get out and work hard. I won’t lie I am getting sick of having to be with a companion all the time. Sometimes I feel like I would be more effective by myself. Elder Caleb’s awesome though. He knows how to have fun it’s probably what I need to learn from him. Anyways the rest of the week was kind of meh. Went on splits on Friday, my first 24 hour splits that I’ve done. It was pretty fun. I like the area that I went to. Nkanfoa. It reminds me of my first area. I went with Elder Akpan who’s a cool guy. Then in the evening I got to chill with Elder Willyerd, my old companion. Yesterday was pretty long in that we went to two services. Six hours of church was too much for me.  We went to help them out with their missionary sunday. I gave an opening prayer and my companion conducted. Then later I taught the Elders Quorum which was ok but I’m just a boring teacher especially in front of groups. I think I prefer teaching in smaller settings. Then we came home and I did numbers and once again my area was the worst in numbers. Sigh. It sucks because it’s not all my fault. I’m hoping to send some letters soon especially since they’re very overdo. Uhhhmm. What else? Well I’m sorry to hear about Sister Kment. It’s always sad. Also about Zeb.  If there’s anything I can do to help just tell me. In fact I’m already thinking of something. we’ll see how it pans out. Are there any more cousins baptisms that I’m going to miss while I’m out here. I don’t really want to. Give Kylie a cheer for me. Salute Mckay for me. I’m listening to Rihanna from the guy next to me. His voice isn’t as pretty as hers. hahahaha. Sorry. Anyways I think I’m signing out. Thanks for everything. Peace out from the best Elder ever. So long
Loves the best,
Elder Holder

E-Mail 2/12/2013

Dearest Family,

 Sorry for yesterday. Our P-day got started late and then we had to go get sub and get ready for a family home evening. It didn’t really leave time for email so I’m just gonna write a little bit for today. I just got done with district meeting. And well I decided I hate being a district leader. I’m supposed to help the rest of the district to improve and get better but who has the worst area and numbers every single week. I feel like a hypocrite trying to tell people what they can do to improve in their separate places. The chapel is sweet. It gave us a 40-50 people jump from last week. I’m hoping with it being so close that finally we don’t have to focus on entirely less actives. It’ll give us time to work on other things. A few people who came haven’t been there in like a year.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to jump-start my companionship to be more effective and how to pick and lift up everyone around me. In the next few weeks we’ll be having a missionary fireside to welcome in the new chapel and try to help the members more. On thursday we’ll see Elder Cook and even though it will be pretty brief it looks like it will be good. Anyways it sounds like mckay is hanging out at our house again which for some reason sounds oddly normal. Not too much to report for right now. I’m just a little distracted right now. Just to let you know I’m still alive. Oh and my computer might be shutting down so tell Kylie I’m doing ok and I’ll say more next week.
Thanks ,
Bye bye
Elder Holder

E-Mail 2/4/2013

Dear Family,

                            I’m actually not sure what agushie. Just some plant that they grind up and turn into a mix for the stew. As for Eba it’s just gari mixed with hot water so that it becomes thick and stuff. I could send some pics of the dog being prepared but no good computers to work with. Alvaro is actually a really good drink that for some reason they only seem to have in Ghana and possibly a few other places. It’s even a coca cola product but I’ve only heard of it here. Anyways I thought that mckay wouldn’t be home for another few weeks. When they made the big change for the MTC I thought everyone got pushed back eleven days but maybe some got pushed forward eleven days. That makes me a little depressed to see that everyone is making it home now. That Caleb and Cecily are getting married and stuff. I’m gonna miss all the fun stuff that people do and then by the time I get home everyone will be gone. Why couldn’t they change the missionary age a year earlier? we weren’t able to meet with Rejoice this week. We were cleaning the new chapel and she decided that we should just stay there and clean instead of coming to her house. Then she didn’t come on Sunday so we missed her this week. As for Matilda, she’s actually doing pretty good. They always welcome us and she does the assignments and things. She doesn’t seem to have a big problem with anything. So hopefully we’ll be able to see her soon. Thinking about it, why all the sudden is everyone getting married. Caleb, Shaundrey, Jenna. They can’t wait a few more months? I guess it doesn’t matter. I guess I have another experience to share. It’s a little embarrassing but I’ll share it anyway. So sometime last week I was kind of praying that I would have some time to go and pray like where I was alone. And in my prayer I somehow complained that at times I don’t really feel like God is there. Well on Sunday the zone leaders left for their sacrament meeting and because our meeting was still in a few hours my companion dozed off on his bed. I began working on some talks for a mission tour we’re having this week. They were both on faith. well as I was writing the one all the sudden just like flashes of some of the LA’s we have been working with just came to my mind. My eyes watered a little. I was like what the heck? then it kind of kept happening so I decided to walk out into the front room. I sat down and with some of these people still just going through my head a thought just came to me that I’ve done my part in Bakaano. and then I kind of just started crying for like 30 seconds or so. I was like laughing at myself too because of it. During that time I got another thought of like ” I thought you wanted to feel my presence” or something like that. Hard to explain. and back to you’ve done your part. Then after that I went and washed my face and came back to finish my talks. But I was like Oh my gosh what just happened? so I think my “ministry” in Bakaano is coming to an end but I still have another month or so here so we’ll see what happens. Aside from that our PEC’s are worthless. The Branch Pres. just talks and talks but nothing really gets done. We’re moving to the new chapel this week and that’s really all I’ve been waiting for this entire time. Pretty much since December, just to see if it helps the people out more. After that I hope I can go to a normal area where the missionary work focuses on investigators again. This area has been tiring for me. i need a relaxer area for a bit. I’ll just try to be productive for this next week. Oh by the way. A man from the area presidency is doing the mission tour. His name is Lagrand Curtis Jr. I think. We had to clean our apartment well because he’s inspecting a few apartments and well ours is just down the street from the chapel we’re holding the meeting at soooo ya. Then I just heard that finally, FINALLY, an apostle is visiting the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. He’s not going to Accra or somewhere else in West Africa, he’s coming here. We will be pleased to meet with Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Feb. 14. No details. The mission as a whole doesn’t know but one of the perks of being with Zone leaders. It seems like it’s happening unexpectantly too. Usuaully they give quite a bit of heads up but this is really in a week and a half. Anyways this computer is starting to fail. That’s just about all my news anyways. Smell ya later.
From the is am bestest again,
Elder Holder