E-Mail 1/28/2013

Dearest family,

  The last week was alright. But before we get to that you’ll never guess what I had to eat today. It starts with a D and ends with OG. That’s right this kid ate dog today. We made it our district activity because the Nigerian in our district is apparently pretty good at making. To describe it. It was tough and it kind of tasted like roast. It didn’t smell the best but once it got cooked out a little bit the smell went away. The only thing I really didn’t like about the dog was when I got a patch a of skin. The skin was not nice at all. I will admit I still had some trouble eating it. If we do it again I hope I’ll be able to eat it better. We had it with Agushie stew which was good and Eba. It’s actually really weird to see it cut up and things. Even though it’s right before your eyes it doesn’t seem like it’s real it seems like a halloween decoration. We ate and ahd alvaro and pretty much spent our entire P-day at the other elders apartment. The past week we actually did pick up a couple of investigators. We had sister Rejoice who we’ve known about for awhile but she’s hard to get to see and she always gives attitude. Then we got one yesterday who seems like she is going to be progressing as soon as we get in some lessons with her. She’s the wife of a less active member. I actually didn’t realize that she wasn’t a member until we saw them yesterday. I thought she was just another less active member. Aside from them just seeing a few people trying to figure out what we can do for them. We went on splits on saturday with nkanfoa. With elder willyerd and samai. willyerd came back to bakaano and I went to nkanfoa. It actually reminded me a lot of my first area asuoyeboa. That area could actually do really well I think. We’re still waiting on the new chapel in bakaano. I think once that happens either better or the same I’m finished with this area. Maybe it’s not good to think about but I want to get transferred. If I stay here that would mean Bakaano would probably be my longest served area on mission and I don’t like that at all. Mostly because I haven’t had enjoyment from this area. Sorry you guys have been sick. If it makes you feel better I puked last night. we were just eating some food and talking about whatever last night. Then like a piece of rice almost went down the wrong pipe and then two seconds later I puked out my mouth and nose. So that was nice. Then we finished the night playing Uno.It was fun. Nothing super exciting for this week. I hope you
guys better soon. Talk to you later. much loves.
This your son,
Elder Holder


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