E-Mail 1/21/2013

Dear Family,

  C’mon the weather can’t be that bad. Everything is going well. I’ve
just been thrown into thought these last two days. I’m not sure what
else to do for Bakaano. I’ve done what I could and now I’m just
waiting to see how things will work out when we move to our new
building. After that whatever happens I might just be finished with
this area.  The only problem with that is I’ll still have roughly
another month before transfers come again. And then there’s still the
chance that they’ll ask me to stay. I don’t think I’ll be able to do
anything more if that happens. the only thing I’m worried about being
this deep in thought is that I think everyone in the apartment is
going to think that something is wrong. They’ll start pestering me
about it. but we’ll see how this next week goes. Sorry you guys got
sick. I started waking up earlier to work out too. It’s actually
paying off. I can do the pec bounce move a little bit. It’s not too
exaggerated but I can stil do it. I’m going to be one sexy missionary
when I get home. Add that to being in Africa and Kaleigh will divorce
her new husband just so she can still hang out around me. yeaah!.
Anyways that means that either Garrett or Devin lost the slap bet but
I don’t remember who. elder Caleb is good. He just has trouble being
focus on what we’re supposed be doing here. He’s still just a bit
homesick. I need to figure out how to get him to forget those things
or I don’t think this area will go anywhere. As for investigators
that’s lookin’ pretty bleak still. I’m not sure if we should still
work on the members and build up strength in the branch or if we
should divide it and do half and half. Another reason I’m waiting to
see the new building to see how strong the branch will be after we
move. Well we got to get a move on so sorry to cut this one short.
Pray for elder Caleb’s family and I’ll talk to you guys next week.
Much love to ya.
sincerly the is am greatest missionary,
Elder Holder


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