E-Mail 1/7/2012

Dear Family,

 The worst hash happened. I’ve been made DL of the district I’m in. NOOoooooo!!! I just didn’t want to be district leader here. I would have rather have gone somewhere else but I do still get to stay in Bakaano so I can keep working on it so that part worked out for me. Even with all the work we’ve been putting into this place it looks like it might be finally turning around. Yesterday we had close to 80 people in church. Which all the months I’ve been here before the holidays has only been 50 tops. It’s true that we had more during the holiday season but Christmas always gives a member bump. What made me happier is that a good chunk of those were LA’s, some we had been visiting for a long time and others that I’ve really only even met a few times. Our first counselor and mission leader have visiting people too. We hope that this will keep happening especially since we will be moving closer to our area soon. Oh and along with transfers Elder Willyerd will be leaving here to go work in the office. Which he’s pretty excited for because he likes to do that kind of stuff. My new companion is going to be Elder Caleb from Samoa. He had a lds.org spotlight or something. His dad is like a leading pastor in Samoa and Elder Caleb still got baptized and came on a mission. His dad isn’t too happy about it. A lot of his family are like in a way kind of disinheriting him or something like that. He’s having a hard time with it. That’s part of the reason he came to me. Soo I might be calling in a favor from you guys again. If you could be a proxy family for him and email him and stuff so he doesn’t just hate emails. I need to double check his email so if I need you guys to do that I let you know. Our secret combination did happen. And yes my card works. I spent some money already mostly because I owed some people some money.  yes I did get a haircut and I think I did rid myself of the waves. Yes, Elder Mthlane is in this mission but I don’t think I’ve met him. These last few weeks we’ve had hamatan. Where all the dust blows in from the Sahara which isn’t as bad down here by the coast but it finally hit us a little bit and the nights have cooled down alot. I actually put  the fan on a lower setting and pull the sheets up. Even this morning it was actually like cold when we woke to do wash and stuff. I had on another shirt for a good chunk of the morning. Now we’re just getting ready for transfer day. We’re visiting a bunch of people for Elder Willyerd to say bye to. Just wrapping up these last few days. the next transfer will be eight weeks long so that we can be on track with the MTC schedule. If I stay in this area for one more transfer after this one I’ll have an extra two weeks under it too.Eric is doing good. He’s called us twice this past week to ask us for some scriptures to explain things to  someone. The first time it was Word of Wisdom stuff at a friends house. Then it was apostasy scriptures and I’m not sure who that was for. He even came late to church on Sunday. Why you ask? Because he was bringing a less active and a former investigator to church. Eric is beginning to tear up the place with activity. It’s freaking sweet.  That’s all the big news this week.  Oh and as for my glasses. I’m not really sure how long they’ll hold up. They look like garbage right now. Half the paint is off so I have silver mixed in with black. Even I found a paint chip in my eye the other morning. I’m mostly worried that one of the screws in sides of my glasses are going to rust through again. but with what you guys told me I’m not really sure what we could do. I don’t think they really have contact things out here. Or even if I could get my eyes checked to get a contact prescription. I might have to go and try to get new frames but I don’t know how much that will cost or how fast it will be if my glasses do break. Just gotta hope I guess. That’s all I got. Be with you in always.
From the is am best missionary son,
Elder Holder


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