E-Mail 1/14/2012

Dear Family,

  All is well. or is it? 2 Nephi 28:25. Anyways all is good. Ya I’m district leader and it’s going to be interesting. I looked at our numbers last night and I was like oh. I’m pretty sure my area has had the lowest numbers for a long time. Mostly because the work we’ve been doing has been things doing different things then those ones. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to help this district. I guess even the district struggles with a few less actives. Aside from that my new companion Elder Caleb is a fun guy. He’s different from any companion that I’ve had before. We’ve had a few shaky days already but I think we’ll make it. We actually have been able to keep the steady increase of members in church. We were still close to 80 this past Sunday. Which is good. My branch mission leader is getting really stressed because we haven’t been able to get new investigators. He’s super stressed about it. And no we haven’t moved into the new building yet. We’re hoping we’ll be in there by the next few weeks. It’ll help a ton. It even seems like just the expectation of having a new chapel is getting people to come. Just people knowing that they won’t have to spend money is getting them to spend money to come to church. It’s a weird concept. Hamatan isn’t as intense as that. Mostly it just gets cooler at night and our shirts and stuff get dirtier because of the dust. I feel like I have to clean my glasses more too. but they don’t envelope entire cities  and stuff. It’s just in general dustier. I won’t lie the storm Gandolf actually sounded awesome. Though I wondered why they would call it Gandolf. It Gandolf the grey or the white. I’m actually surprised I was able to pull a Lord of the rings joke. Aside from transfers we haven’t really had too much of change. Anyways thanks Kylie for getting that information for me. Now I just have to figure out how to do the sheets and whatever other stuff to make sure it happens at the end of mission. I don’t actually have too much information so I’ll talk to you guys next week. Love ya’ll,
Elder Holder


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