E-Mail 12/31/2012

Dear Family,

Sooo not a ton to talk about today. I’ll admit that after Christmas it seemed a ton easier to focus and get back out there to do stuff. I did forget to send my regards to the Hansens so if you could do that. I still have the letter I wrote for them months ago sitting on my desk. So hopefully I’ll get that sent out soon. New Years is going to be somehow meh. We’re going out tonight and checking a few things. Not even super important things. We’ll check my card and get some supplies. Then a possible secret combination with the Cape coast ZL’s. It’ll just be some small get together. Elder Willyerd and Elder Carstens made a shelf in our house so that we can put dishes on it today so that took up most of the day. I’m planning on taking off all my hair so that I can get rid of the waves that a barber put in months ago. This is also transfer news week.  Yesterday as I read a general conference Liahona of Willyerd’s, He got it in the mail and the missionaries haven’t gotten any yet. Anyway as I read the Liahona I got the impression that something was going to happen that I didn’t exactly want or that I needed to submit to the will of God and be happy with it type feeling. I assume that it could be me being transferred out of Bakaano especially since I’ve been praying to stay. It could also be being made a district leader in the current district. I don’t want to be district leader of this area at all and well I was hoping to keep working on this area for a little longer, at least until they got the new chapel so we could get more LA’s active.  I think I’m being transferred but I’m not sure. We’ll see by next Monday. We were able to get Eric Vanderpuye ordained to the office of a priest finally. It was like pulling teeth. We reminded pres. the night before and twenty minutes before sacrament to sustain as worthy before the congregation. He totally forgot and I’ll admit I was little angry. Not in a I’m going to punch someone or yell at someone way but I was angry. Through some fadangling we were able to get BP Tandoh to let us do the sustaining in priesthood and to ordain him afterwards. sigh, well it got done and it was sweet. We helped correct a bunch of mistakes in the records and directory with our Branch Clerk and I even had the priviledge of seeing Pres. Shulz yesterday because he was dropping some stuff off. He asked us about baptisms and if we had any lined up. That was a somehow awkward moment. because no no we don’t. We have some people we plan on working in part member families but we haven’t started yet. Our total number of investigators right now is zero. Soo ya, I don’t know what’s gonna happen after this week but it’ll look up. Well hope you guys get to enjoy your new years. Don’t have to much to talk about. I do have to ask Kylie a favor. so Kylie I got Grandma’s permission to do the work for Grandpa Fedor and I’m planning on doing it on my return temple trip in Ghana. The only problem is I don’t know how to get the information I need because Grandma’s not that great on the computer. If you could figure that stuff out for me that’d be pretty cool of you. I’ll go try my card today and see if it works. Alright much loves to you all. Enjoy Justen and Caleb., and make sure they sign the football. It needs to be done. Alright peace out.
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


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