E-Mail 12/24/2012

Dearest Family,

Things have been mega busy this week. The mission wanted us to do a thing of service and then to report on it during the christmas party on the 23rd and well this past week we served up the wazoo. On Monday it was the first combined zone activity we had in who knows how long. We played football (Soccer) and frisbee. I probably went a little too hard because I didn’t fully recover until thursday or firday. Which made our service project on tuesday that much better. We moved stuff around a 4 flat house for a member. That was sweet. Then we went and folded chalk boxes for another member and that spent us the day. We made like 200 plus boxes for this guy.  A couple dead days. Cleaned the church to get it ready for our christmas devotion. Friday we had the devotion. It was alright but I felt it was better last year but what do I care this is my last one. Elder Willyerd got sick on saturday and then sunday we did church and some musical program at the stake center. Today we went back to the school that we were helping to build. We met the family who has been funding it. We got stuff done like bosses, had to come back and shop and wash our clothes and now I’m emailing you guys because ya. Oh fun thing to know for some reason I lost a little feeling in my middle finger on my left hand. It’s like partially numb. I dunno why. Well that’s like a quick run down of the week. A few people who have gone to school have come back for the holidays. Our BP’s niece got baptized and she was also called a COR. We were there though. Before I forget. I’m thinking skyping at 4 for you guys. My time anyways. That’s like 9 o clock for you I think. That’s the plan. I might give you a quick call to figure stuff out fast before we do it because there are 5 other missionaries going to the same place. If the skype doesn’t work then hopefully credit stands are still open so I can get credit to call you guys. Hopefully the rest I can tell you guys tomorrow. Thanks for the card info so I’ll try it out in a few days and hopefully it’ll work. Love y’all talk to yous latas
Elder Holder out


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