E-Mail 12/17/2012

Dear Family,
 Soooo whenever you guy’s reply it makes me feel like I just complain and hate everything about mission. It almost makes me feel depressed. Anyways we’ve now started trying to work with many other people trying to see if we can reactivate them. Depending on the people sometimes we have like a Magik type lesson. But with so many people we usually just visit so they know they haven’t been forgotten. Not enough home teaching is happening to say the least. Though we have found that nearly the whole of relief society is visiting their LA members. In fact yesterday after church as we were going to a certain house, Margaret Amoah, we came up and the people there just directed us to the back of the house. While we stood for a second we could hear a church hymn be played in the back. “Teach me to walk in the light” I was confused for a second until we walk and we some of the relief society sisters there. Come to found almost all of them were there.  The priesthood simply isn’t doing anything. Well except for two of our members. Bro. Jesse and Bro. Frempong. When on splits with Elder Gaye, my ZL. It was a good split. He’s just a funny guy. He’s a convert too. Both him and his two brothers. Nothing real cool happened this week. We had a few LA’s come to church though not the ones I was expecting. Sam Quaygrain who I think I’ve seen at the church once. Veronica Adams who I’ve only met once. Then a few Lamptey kids. I dunno. I feel like I’m working hard for all these people just we’re not getting anywhere. we do know almost everyone who lives in the Branch whether Active or LA. We have searched for them hardcore and done our absolute best to  leave no one behind. um ya not too much to report this week. We’ll try to find a place to skype for Christmas but we aren’t 100% sure. We have a place in mind but the guy is vacationing in U.S. right now. We’re talking to his partner. You’ll porbably get a call by next week so I can tell you.  Alright over and out
Elder Holder


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