E-Mail 12/10/2012

Dear family,

  So I’m trying to send pics to you but I can’t find them on the computer. They usually just come up but this time they didn’t and and I can’t find them anywhere in the computer. So why I try to figure that one out I’ll write you. Last week I’ll admit I wasn’t happy at the start and even on Tuesday I just didn’t want to head out. fortunately we did and during the first few hours things returned back to normal. It was also good that it hasn’t been has hot this past week what’s not so good is that because of the humidity I was sweating just as much if not more. Just don’t catch a break here. The elections came and passed and just gave us some minor annoyances. The current president is still in. No riots or fighting. I found that a little disappointing. We’ve started staying out later than normal which I like better. Before we were coming home early a lot. Now we’re getting home like at 830 or 9 to finish up and close our day. We also started meeting with a few different less actives. We had one family the Addo’s who were completely different from the other LA’s we visited. We came and they wanted to sing a hymn first. Then we got into our lesson and they said that’s what they needed to hear. That they needed to be reminded of those things. I was a little surprised because none of the less actives have ever done that before. the next day they both came to church. We also met another woman who is sweet. aunty maggie. She hasn’t been coming to church because she travels or she’s fulfilling her calling. but this last little while she was sick and no one really knew about it. Luckily she was able to be healed up this past week and then she herself requested home teachers. Along with doing intense LA finding and info gathering we’re also been trying to figure out how to get hometeaching started regularly. We hit a bump in the road because our elder’s quorum pres. is now the 1st counselor in the Branch. Trying to be organized with shifting leadership sucks. Erik is still solid, it seems we lost a few more recent converts, no investigators really. Focusing all on the branch right now. Christmas is coming. Pres. wants every zone to do a service project before our devotional on the 21st. Then Elder Willyerd have trying to figure out where we can go skype. Our best bet has been traveling for like a month now. We don’t know where we will skype. Nothing super special this week. Just goin in day in and day out. Sweatin like a turkey in the oven. Soooooooooooooooo I tried my debit card again and it still didn’t work. Now I before you guys ask, I only know two pin numbers, mom’s and mine. I know I’m not using mom’s. I don’t know why it isn’t working. Anyways just had to switch computers because mine froze but now I’m going to try  loading some pics on this one. Let’s see if it works. Happy mission ending Kylie!
from the one and only kwabena okukuseku
Elder Holder

p,s, sorry about the pics this computer froze too


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