E-Mail 12/3/2012

Dearest family,

So I don’t know if I’ll be able to send you all the pics I want to
but we’ll see. Anyways I’ll sum up my week with how I finished last
night. I grabbed an extra cinderblock from out back. My companion
conveniently had a hammer. Soo I took the hammer and just smashed the
block for a few minutes. Then it was too easy so I started throwing
the chunks of the block at a plantain tree that was starting to grow
in our back yard. Then as the tree was slumped over I just kind of
lifted up some good chunk of block and smashed it down on the tree for
a few minutes. Then I went and sat down and thought about stuff. I did
get my half way package last week and it’s almost finished. Sooo last
week was just a dead week. Tuesday and Wednesday just failed
appointments. We were hitting up some less actives trying to get them
to be active again. Thursday wasn’t so much because Elder Willyerd got
sick and I pretty much just studied all day. Friday, we did go back to
that school and worked on it. Afterwards I was finally able to get a
new mattress because my old one was terrible and made every morning
suck. After we got back from the project we went to our apparently
cancelled PEC. Tried to do something but nothing. Saturday was just
dead but we got in a few. Then Sunday. All the less actives we had
been working with just nothing. Continued empty promises. A Branch
that barely existing because a few members. That was when I was
finally fed up I guess. Sooo now I’m in a good mood this morning and
my companion finally got his washer so it made things easier this
morning. Did chores and we went shopping. It’s been raining on and off
so far today. Don’t know if you guys know yet but I’ll be returning
home 16 days later than expected next year. Not too much to really
report on this week. This week will probably be dead again because
it’s elections this week. And Ghanaians totally blow it out of
proportion. There will be wild parties and parades disrupting the
streets and city this week. Then half the people won’t even vote. Most
will probably be around the town doing whatever for the parties.I’m
not expecting much out of this week. That’s all I got for now. Hope
things will turn up for next week. Say hi to Kylie for me. Peace be
unto you
this your son, P.S. pics aren’t working, next time
Elder Holder


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