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E-Mail 12/31/2012

Dear Family,

Sooo not a ton to talk about today. I’ll admit that after Christmas it seemed a ton easier to focus and get back out there to do stuff. I did forget to send my regards to the Hansens so if you could do that. I still have the letter I wrote for them months ago sitting on my desk. So hopefully I’ll get that sent out soon. New Years is going to be somehow meh. We’re going out tonight and checking a few things. Not even super important things. We’ll check my card and get some supplies. Then a possible secret combination with the Cape coast ZL’s. It’ll just be some small get together. Elder Willyerd and Elder Carstens made a shelf in our house so that we can put dishes on it today so that took up most of the day. I’m planning on taking off all my hair so that I can get rid of the waves that a barber put in months ago. This is also transfer news week.  Yesterday as I read a general conference Liahona of Willyerd’s, He got it in the mail and the missionaries haven’t gotten any yet. Anyway as I read the Liahona I got the impression that something was going to happen that I didn’t exactly want or that I needed to submit to the will of God and be happy with it type feeling. I assume that it could be me being transferred out of Bakaano especially since I’ve been praying to stay. It could also be being made a district leader in the current district. I don’t want to be district leader of this area at all and well I was hoping to keep working on this area for a little longer, at least until they got the new chapel so we could get more LA’s active.  I think I’m being transferred but I’m not sure. We’ll see by next Monday. We were able to get Eric Vanderpuye ordained to the office of a priest finally. It was like pulling teeth. We reminded pres. the night before and twenty minutes before sacrament to sustain as worthy before the congregation. He totally forgot and I’ll admit I was little angry. Not in a I’m going to punch someone or yell at someone way but I was angry. Through some fadangling we were able to get BP Tandoh to let us do the sustaining in priesthood and to ordain him afterwards. sigh, well it got done and it was sweet. We helped correct a bunch of mistakes in the records and directory with our Branch Clerk and I even had the priviledge of seeing Pres. Shulz yesterday because he was dropping some stuff off. He asked us about baptisms and if we had any lined up. That was a somehow awkward moment. because no no we don’t. We have some people we plan on working in part member families but we haven’t started yet. Our total number of investigators right now is zero. Soo ya, I don’t know what’s gonna happen after this week but it’ll look up. Well hope you guys get to enjoy your new years. Don’t have to much to talk about. I do have to ask Kylie a favor. so Kylie I got Grandma’s permission to do the work for Grandpa Fedor and I’m planning on doing it on my return temple trip in Ghana. The only problem is I don’t know how to get the information I need because Grandma’s not that great on the computer. If you could figure that stuff out for me that’d be pretty cool of you. I’ll go try my card today and see if it works. Alright much loves to you all. Enjoy Justen and Caleb., and make sure they sign the football. It needs to be done. Alright peace out.
Yours truly,
Elder Holder


E-Mail 12/24/2012

Dearest Family,

Things have been mega busy this week. The mission wanted us to do a thing of service and then to report on it during the christmas party on the 23rd and well this past week we served up the wazoo. On Monday it was the first combined zone activity we had in who knows how long. We played football (Soccer) and frisbee. I probably went a little too hard because I didn’t fully recover until thursday or firday. Which made our service project on tuesday that much better. We moved stuff around a 4 flat house for a member. That was sweet. Then we went and folded chalk boxes for another member and that spent us the day. We made like 200 plus boxes for this guy.  A couple dead days. Cleaned the church to get it ready for our christmas devotion. Friday we had the devotion. It was alright but I felt it was better last year but what do I care this is my last one. Elder Willyerd got sick on saturday and then sunday we did church and some musical program at the stake center. Today we went back to the school that we were helping to build. We met the family who has been funding it. We got stuff done like bosses, had to come back and shop and wash our clothes and now I’m emailing you guys because ya. Oh fun thing to know for some reason I lost a little feeling in my middle finger on my left hand. It’s like partially numb. I dunno why. Well that’s like a quick run down of the week. A few people who have gone to school have come back for the holidays. Our BP’s niece got baptized and she was also called a COR. We were there though. Before I forget. I’m thinking skyping at 4 for you guys. My time anyways. That’s like 9 o clock for you I think. That’s the plan. I might give you a quick call to figure stuff out fast before we do it because there are 5 other missionaries going to the same place. If the skype doesn’t work then hopefully credit stands are still open so I can get credit to call you guys. Hopefully the rest I can tell you guys tomorrow. Thanks for the card info so I’ll try it out in a few days and hopefully it’ll work. Love y’all talk to yous latas
Elder Holder out

E-Mail 12/17/2012

Dear Family,
 Soooo whenever you guy’s reply it makes me feel like I just complain and hate everything about mission. It almost makes me feel depressed. Anyways we’ve now started trying to work with many other people trying to see if we can reactivate them. Depending on the people sometimes we have like a Magik type lesson. But with so many people we usually just visit so they know they haven’t been forgotten. Not enough home teaching is happening to say the least. Though we have found that nearly the whole of relief society is visiting their LA members. In fact yesterday after church as we were going to a certain house, Margaret Amoah, we came up and the people there just directed us to the back of the house. While we stood for a second we could hear a church hymn be played in the back. “Teach me to walk in the light” I was confused for a second until we walk and we some of the relief society sisters there. Come to found almost all of them were there.  The priesthood simply isn’t doing anything. Well except for two of our members. Bro. Jesse and Bro. Frempong. When on splits with Elder Gaye, my ZL. It was a good split. He’s just a funny guy. He’s a convert too. Both him and his two brothers. Nothing real cool happened this week. We had a few LA’s come to church though not the ones I was expecting. Sam Quaygrain who I think I’ve seen at the church once. Veronica Adams who I’ve only met once. Then a few Lamptey kids. I dunno. I feel like I’m working hard for all these people just we’re not getting anywhere. we do know almost everyone who lives in the Branch whether Active or LA. We have searched for them hardcore and done our absolute best to  leave no one behind. um ya not too much to report this week. We’ll try to find a place to skype for Christmas but we aren’t 100% sure. We have a place in mind but the guy is vacationing in U.S. right now. We’re talking to his partner. You’ll porbably get a call by next week so I can tell you.  Alright over and out
Elder Holder

E-Mail 12/10/2012

Dear family,

  So I’m trying to send pics to you but I can’t find them on the computer. They usually just come up but this time they didn’t and and I can’t find them anywhere in the computer. So why I try to figure that one out I’ll write you. Last week I’ll admit I wasn’t happy at the start and even on Tuesday I just didn’t want to head out. fortunately we did and during the first few hours things returned back to normal. It was also good that it hasn’t been has hot this past week what’s not so good is that because of the humidity I was sweating just as much if not more. Just don’t catch a break here. The elections came and passed and just gave us some minor annoyances. The current president is still in. No riots or fighting. I found that a little disappointing. We’ve started staying out later than normal which I like better. Before we were coming home early a lot. Now we’re getting home like at 830 or 9 to finish up and close our day. We also started meeting with a few different less actives. We had one family the Addo’s who were completely different from the other LA’s we visited. We came and they wanted to sing a hymn first. Then we got into our lesson and they said that’s what they needed to hear. That they needed to be reminded of those things. I was a little surprised because none of the less actives have ever done that before. the next day they both came to church. We also met another woman who is sweet. aunty maggie. She hasn’t been coming to church because she travels or she’s fulfilling her calling. but this last little while she was sick and no one really knew about it. Luckily she was able to be healed up this past week and then she herself requested home teachers. Along with doing intense LA finding and info gathering we’re also been trying to figure out how to get hometeaching started regularly. We hit a bump in the road because our elder’s quorum pres. is now the 1st counselor in the Branch. Trying to be organized with shifting leadership sucks. Erik is still solid, it seems we lost a few more recent converts, no investigators really. Focusing all on the branch right now. Christmas is coming. Pres. wants every zone to do a service project before our devotional on the 21st. Then Elder Willyerd have trying to figure out where we can go skype. Our best bet has been traveling for like a month now. We don’t know where we will skype. Nothing super special this week. Just goin in day in and day out. Sweatin like a turkey in the oven. Soooooooooooooooo I tried my debit card again and it still didn’t work. Now I before you guys ask, I only know two pin numbers, mom’s and mine. I know I’m not using mom’s. I don’t know why it isn’t working. Anyways just had to switch computers because mine froze but now I’m going to try  loading some pics on this one. Let’s see if it works. Happy mission ending Kylie!
from the one and only kwabena okukuseku
Elder Holder

p,s, sorry about the pics this computer froze too

E-Mail 12/3/2012

Dearest family,

So I don’t know if I’ll be able to send you all the pics I want to
but we’ll see. Anyways I’ll sum up my week with how I finished last
night. I grabbed an extra cinderblock from out back. My companion
conveniently had a hammer. Soo I took the hammer and just smashed the
block for a few minutes. Then it was too easy so I started throwing
the chunks of the block at a plantain tree that was starting to grow
in our back yard. Then as the tree was slumped over I just kind of
lifted up some good chunk of block and smashed it down on the tree for
a few minutes. Then I went and sat down and thought about stuff. I did
get my half way package last week and it’s almost finished. Sooo last
week was just a dead week. Tuesday and Wednesday just failed
appointments. We were hitting up some less actives trying to get them
to be active again. Thursday wasn’t so much because Elder Willyerd got
sick and I pretty much just studied all day. Friday, we did go back to
that school and worked on it. Afterwards I was finally able to get a
new mattress because my old one was terrible and made every morning
suck. After we got back from the project we went to our apparently
cancelled PEC. Tried to do something but nothing. Saturday was just
dead but we got in a few. Then Sunday. All the less actives we had
been working with just nothing. Continued empty promises. A Branch
that barely existing because a few members. That was when I was
finally fed up I guess. Sooo now I’m in a good mood this morning and
my companion finally got his washer so it made things easier this
morning. Did chores and we went shopping. It’s been raining on and off
so far today. Don’t know if you guys know yet but I’ll be returning
home 16 days later than expected next year. Not too much to really
report on this week. This week will probably be dead again because
it’s elections this week. And Ghanaians totally blow it out of
proportion. There will be wild parties and parades disrupting the
streets and city this week. Then half the people won’t even vote. Most
will probably be around the town doing whatever for the parties.I’m
not expecting much out of this week. That’s all I got for now. Hope
things will turn up for next week. Say hi to Kylie for me. Peace be
unto you
this your son, P.S. pics aren’t working, next time
Elder Holder