E-Mail 11/26/2012

Oh Dear Family,

   This week was kind of a dud. We had a lot of unplanned days. We were going to go through the directory and find the less actives in our branch but we still didn’t have a complete directory. We didn’t get that until yesterday. That directory is riddled with mistakes. There are children as head of households and husbands and wives who should be put in the same box. That being said we have like 36 elders and 49 prospective elders.  182 members where probably around 50 or so come to church. Yesterday we went through the directory and updated phones and addresses as best we could and tried to find out who people were but we need to sit down with our mission leader and figure it out. Oddly enough we did have a good turnout for sacrament. A investigator who’s married to a member and is kind of difficult came. without us prompting her to. A few less actives related to an active. Some other less actives one of whom we offended and apparently we made cry. More on that in a sec.  A couple of members who are from other wards. Then finally Eric Vanderpuye. He was supposed to confirmed yesterday. Church started and the BP did the announcements. Our Elders quorum pres. got taken to the 1st counselor in the branch pres. and our YM pres. was made the 2nd. The new 2nd counselor came in with ray ban sunglasses. Went to the stand in them. Stood up for us to sustain him wearing them. And to cap it off he gave his talk in Ray Ban sunglasses. yeah…… Anyways so BP finished the announcements and then we started sacrament. At that point Eric walks in. After Sacrament he comes and sits down telling us he went to a different chapel like 20 min. away because he thought we were meeting there like last week. Then BP gets up and says he forgot to do the confirmation and it happens right then and there. So we were like sweet! Then he was sustained and confirmed. We have his record and it’s all ready. Now the girl we made cry. Her name is Josephine. She’s a less active. Pres. Shulz gave us a thing on the ten virgins so that we could help less actives that we have so that’s what we did. We went through it with her and pretty much said she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to. Another person told us at church that she came over and cried. Oops but I didn’t really think what we said was harsh unless you weren’t doing what you were supposed to. Last night we hung out with cape coast ZL’s. Then when we rode our bikes home we got rained on. I was soaked. Hung our clothes up and they were dripping pretty bad. Alright before I forget. I haven’t said anything about the prayer thing because I had to think about it first. At times ya and then others not really. Take last night for example. It was dark and late. It rained on us hard and I couldn’t see very well with rain on my glasses while riding a bike. Then mom saying that she just had to trust me in God’s hands. At times like that I feel the prayers. It’s kind of something you think about after and say oh ya. Glad you had enjoyed thanksgiving. We just proselyted. We did make burger today but that was for transfers. Sooooooo the powers really bad right now so I’m going to wrap up and finish. Tell kylie to be awesome when she gets there. I’ll remember Justen too. Thanks guys. No woholla. Love yall
your best mulato son,
Elder Holder
 P.S. Elmina castle was cool, a little depressing but also interesting. Look it up on internet.


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