E-Mail and Photo 11/19/2012

Dear Family,

  This week I won’t lie our numbers looked terrible but we actually did do things. We visited just about every leader in our Branch. Trying to figure out what they need or their concerns are. It’s the same across the board. Activity. The Elder’s Quorum is having less actives and trouble getting their guys home teaching so I’m hoping that those guys will start coming to us for help.I think if the priesthood starts bucking up others will follow. The YW/YM are having a few problems because the parents of some won’t let them go to church because they are non members. Relief society just has low activity. etc etc. We did get a few referrals this week and they actually look like they’ll turn out well. Then Henry and Albert are doing good but if they are baptized they most likely won’t be for our branch. We’re hoping we’ll start getting more soon. Right now it seems like we need to work on internal issues for Bakaano so I”m not super worried about having investigators. The bikes have really helped a lot to get around our area and they were working just fine for the most part. My problem is that I sweat, a lot. Unbelievably so. I’ve been needing a ton of water and now I always have to pee. The bikes are going well but when I’m transferred I won’t ask for any I like being reasonably dry when I go to people’s houses. We’re also entering dry season so I might be sweating a lot more. I’ve already started. It sucks and I’ve gotten darker again and my tan lines are getting worse. The one thing I’m still disappointed in is that I can’t seem to find one on one time to pray. One where I can be really conversing with God. Usually in morning I’m trying to get going at night I’m falling asleep during my prayer and our apartment is too small for me to find a lone place to just go talk/pray. I did one last week because everyone else had gone asleep so I was awake enough to actually talk. It helped me to feel better. Just sometimes I feel like I won’t ever be good enough to reach the standards that I’m supposed to be at. It probably didn’t help that I was apparently doing something apostate and didn’t realize it. Our music availability was extended to like inspirational type stuff or so I thought. Me personally I don’t actually have any music but Elder Willyerd has a ton. And well we were talking about a song that he had while at District meeting with Pres. I was wondering who sung the song and I guess it was josh Groben. Pres. heard and said that was apostate. I dunno it sounded fine but I guess I’m wrong. This week I think we’ll work on finding the rest of the less actives in our area. Went to Elmina castle today. It was interesting. Tried my debit card and the machine kept saying I had entered the wrong pin and soooo I’m confused. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. I’m pretty sure it was the right pin. oh well we’ll try again later. With “perfect love that casteth out all fear” GLC.
Your son, the one the only
Elder Holder

Elder Holder Gets A White Shirt


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