E-Mail and Photos 11/12/2012

Dear Family, 

   I’ll talk about the pics first then I’ll go over my week. One is a pic of me as I was leaving Kojo Bedu. That was our district pic. I don’t know why I’m making a funny face but whatevs. One is when Elder Adair and I got stuck in a rain storm. We took shelter in a school and i wanted to see if I could get the massive amount of rain in the back. Another is Elder Adair as he’s about to leave for his new area. Then there’s me sitting on my bed as we’re waiting to leave the Cape Coast apartment to come to my current apartment. Me at Kakum national park. The rope bridge Me burning a shirt at my one year mark. I didn’t pay to attention to my garment s at first. Then the last one is when Elder Willyerd and I went to a members house. We found this this thing that’s meant for if people try to break in. It’s a wooden club with a bunch of nails sticking all through the top.Now for the week.
 Dear Family,
 We’ll start this one like it’s a normal letter. This past week has actually been a bit harder. We’re trying to make good use of our time but I wouldn’t say we’re being 100% effective. We spent the last week finding out who, what, where the leader’s are. We have most of them and for the most part we know all of them already which makes things easier. I’m hoping to start working on all the separate quorums and classes this week. Finding them, becoming friends, doing service for them and finding out what their individual needs for the groups are.I’ve been praying to make sure that this is the best way to go to help Bakaano. Then after a few weeks of asking Pres. finally allowed us to have bikes which made my companion super happy. The only catch is we have to fix them up and keep them up. Pres. doesn’t really like bikes so pretty much he’s just providing the old ones. Luckily Elder Willyerd is really good at that kind of stuff. Unluckily we didnt’ have everything we need to get going right away. We fixed em up to where we could use them or so we thought. As we were going Elder Willyerd’s bike kept getting flats. My brakes weren’t cooperating the first night. They were too close to the wheel so I was having to pedal a bit harder. Then the next few days. My bike actually got a flat and I was riding it for a pretty long time. That just about killed me for two days in a row. We thought we fixed it the first day. Our Branch Pres. shooed from Ward council meeting. Then we’re still finding more less actives then we knew before. The ones we do know I’m just getting tired of hearing their dumb excuses. I think I understand how you guy’s feel now when I would give dumb excuses. It’s sooooooo obnoxious to hear it every single time. In optimistic news Eric Vanderpuye WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!. That heaven sent motivator was baptized yesterday. He was just ready. It was the easiest baptism I’d ever done, mostly because our Branch mission leader is a boss. One of the most hard working men in church that I’ve ever seen. He got everything organized and set up. Us the missionaries hardly had to do anything. Bro. Jessie is his name and he does too much. He’s going to school, he’s the Branch mission leader, does a job for the church, and takes care of his family. Also he has back problems which doesn’t like to tell people about. We told him he actually needs to rest because he’s doing too much. Soo Eric is the first baptism that’s happened since I came to Bakaano. Then we have been teaching this guy Henry. We left to read Moroni’s promise and pray about the Book of Mormon. When we came back to check up he said that he had felt something even before he prayed. He had read the portion, thought back on it and relaxed and then he said he could just feel it. That was the first time an investigator here has given that experience. I was a little dumbfounded or possibly “exceedingly astonished”. I’ve never heard of that happening on the first time. With how Henry described it though he might be the only one who did it on the first time or correctly. He came to church the following sunday. So did some other less actives. We got two pages of our branch directory so we can start figuring out who really is in our branch. We’re having a combined district meeting on Wednesday, I don’t know why. I think that’s it for this week. Love ya’ll and talk to yous latas.
your goodly son, 
Elder Holder

Elder Holder in Kojo Bedu

Elder Holder on a Rope Bridge2

Elder Holder Speaking Softly and Carrying a Big Stick


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