E-Mail 11/5/2012

Dearest Family,
   Well at least you guys are doing somehow well. At least you guys were able to enjoy Halloween. Next year will be a mighty Halloween. I thought it was interesting that this fast sunday had people talking about fear and Halloween just passed. In a way it’s kind of funny. Anyways we watched general conference yesterday. We were combined with ola ward. I have to say I’m a little disappointed in my branch. When we first got there only one or two people from our branch was there. Then once it started about five. During the first session I don’t it got up to 20 and during the second session it went back down to 5. I was almost embarrassed. This past week we have picked up a few investigators. We’re waiting to see if they’re serious or not but even then they don’t actually live in our area. If they do end up believing in this gospel it won’t benefit Bakaano Branch at all. Our other one didn’t come to church so we’ll give her another few chances. Our ysa members are behaving like little kids. Someone doesn’t talk to them so they say they won’t talk to them anymore or won’t mind them. I’m actually kind of seeing that our branch isn’t very strong so I’ve been thinking instead of looking for new people we’ll go to the leaders and less actives of the branch instead. Another reason I’m a little hesitant of looking for new people in the area is that last thursday we went through our area book. We looked at the recent convert and less active section. Almost all of the people who have been baptized in the branch in the last year maybe even two have fallen less active. Barely any converts have been retained in a super long time. That’s a problem we have to fix before get to baptizing more people. Aside from that Erik has been going solid. He finally came on time and as long as he’s there for sacrament next week we should have his baptism then too. He doesn’t seem like he’ll fall less active so that’s good. We went and talked with Pres. Tandoh and he seems like he will be able to put some into the branch. We went and met with him yesterday and just learned more about him. His niece is staying with him and well she’ll most likely be a baptism too. I’m struggling a little bit because some guys are watching Falling Skies just across from me. I can’t focus.  We made orange Julius yesterday and planning on getting a bunch of stuff for burritos. I found out Elder Wheeler, my trainer, will be released from AP in Kumasi and will be training a new missionary. That’s sweet.  Thanks for the update. Thanks for the help with everything. Just remember members of this church would be the greatest green lanterns. Why? because of our faith we know no fear. Through sheer power of will we fear nothing not even death. One of the reasons I like Green Lantern is because his powers are best suited for Latter Day Saints. I told Devin that before. Anyways be faithful and soon we’ll chillin up in heaven with resurrected bodies singing We are family or something like that. Love y’all. Be good
Love’s the Bakaano Boy,
Elder Holder


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