E-Mail and Photo 10/29/2012

Dear Family,

Things have improved since my last few whiney emails. The area spiritually is still struggling but all the other things aren’t as bad as I made them out to be. My apartment is pretty nice and just needed a few touch ups. The biggest problem is spending money to go and back from proselyting every day. It’s tearing through my subsistence. We’re still trying to get our endless supply of less actives active but it’s hard when their best excuse is “I was sick” as they seem to be able to do everything fine. Or “I slept in”. No solid investigators still except one. Erik Vandeport. He’s just about ready to be baptized. We’re just waiting for him to come to sacrament on time. He’s coming to church, doing assignments, reading small; he’s just missing sacrament and only by a few minutes too. Our branch president got released so he could move and now the new BP is a guy I don’t know real well. Bro. Tandoh. He doesn’t really like to speak english in meetings from what I’ve seen though he can speak and understand it just fine. We’ll see how these next few weeks go. We’re looking for new investigators and……yaaaa. All the people that seem like they could turn into some just aren’t serious. On Saturday we did have a mission conference. That was sweet. Elder Sitati came and spoke to us. A big message among the speakers seemed to be having love in the companionship. Then Elder Sitati came up and explained some stuff that’s going to happen. With the new mission age applicants have exploded. Soooo all the mission areas around the world are going to get a new higher number of missionaries. We don’t know if that means we’ll be getting some here or if they’re going to form some new missions or what. Then he invited questions and that’s when he started tearing people apart. With a few of the questions he answer was ” Elder, you need to spend more time in personal study.” or ” you need to have your personal study”. After a few more questions it was “If these are the kind of questions you’re asking I’m worried about what you’re teaching.” and “if you don’t know the answers to some of these you’re no better than the investigators.” We all thought he was going to chastise the whole mission but luckily only chastised those with somehow bad questions. I’ve had a few people from Kojo Bedu call me. That was nice. One of them ,Sister Cecilia, the rc, talked about the sisters that replaced us. She said she didn’t like them. They weren’t friendly at all. I thought that was weird because I thought it was the other way around back home. ummmmm alright that’s all I got. It’s my one year mark today and we’re heading to cape coast apartment and having a french toast eat off. That’ll be just after here. Then I think I might burn one of my shirts tonight. I found some big nasty brown spots that I don’t know where they came from so I figure I still have one in the package so I’ll burn that and replace it. I also whipped out the sheets that have been in my suitcase for a year. I also am going to eat my last snickers from the package you guys sent last week. Ya the bag of snickers only lasted 4 days. oh and if you could activate my debit card I’d appreciate it. Then I just remembered. Do you remember 6 months ago I needed you guys to the whole ambience thingy on my student loan. If you could check that out it would be helpful. I was also wondering is there any way of checking if someone has stolen your identity? Like identity theft where they rack up a bunch of debt in your name. Just a thought. hopefully next month we’ll have a baptism finally.That’s it from my end, oh and did I tell you Elder Abioye from kojo bedu got made Assistant to the President.or AP. just for thoughts
From the Bakano boy
Elder Holder

Elder Holder’s Mission Conference with Elder Sitati


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