E-Mail 10/22/2012

I’ll continue from last week. I’m still in Bakaano and yes my new companion is Elder Willyerd. Honestly he’s a pretty cool guy. He goes and makes the apartment better. He has his own set of tools and goes and fixes things or sets up things in the new place. This last week was terrible for proselyting. Monday was P-day, Tuesday Elder Adair wanted to just go see everyone before he left, Wednesday was the transfer and Elder Willyerd was a little sick,Thursday the Office elders came ng very and moved us into the new place, Friday sickness prevailed, Saturday was a normal day and Sunday was church. We’ve also been having to pay travel to our area now and it tore through the money I had left for that sub. I couldn’t buy any more food or things so for the last few days I was just eating flour and water pancakes. Not the best. I also wasn’t eating very much and i’ve been constantly hungry for those days as well. Luckily today was sub and I was able to buy a few things so I don’t die. We’ve been trying to get the Young single adults going with family home evening and it’s turning out to be harder than I thought. They are difficult to handle. They get offended at some small small things, they have to it a certain way or their not happy, goodness gracious why are young single adults so difficult. Also Laurence isn’t seeming like he’s going to be baptized at least not with me. He won’t come to church as much as needs to. Then we have Eric who has come to church every sunday almost but he’s just a tad bit late. I’m not quite willing to baptize someone who misses sacrament every week. I still don’t feel like Bakaano is progressing very much and I honestly don’t know what we can do. We need divine help from above or something. I guess I have an interesting thought. Last night, because Elder Willyerd has some talks and music, I was listening to a talk about life’s playing field. The speaker talked about how we waited to come to the world and our experiences that we would have. He also said that our children could be watching us before they’re born. The thought came to me if we could pray and see if we could meet our children before they’re born. I don’t know how it would work though. I wonder if it would even freak me out if I did meet them. What would I do or say? I wonder  they would chastise me for doing something wrong or even tell me I ignored their mother before I came on mission. I don’t know just crazy thoughts. We need to get going to Family home evening so I wrap up. umm our zone leaders are Elder gaye and Mathemba. From Liberia and Zimbabwe. I almost need a translator to understand his english. their both cool though. That’s about all I can think of for now. Thanks for the inspiration and direction. Maybe one day I can return it.
with all the love a god in the making can muster,
elder Holder


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