E-Mail and Photo 10/15/2012

Dear Family,

 This past week has been pretty eventful. Our water stopped around last week monday or so and we were going off very little water until it stopped completely on Wednesday. My companion Elder Adair is training and so that meant that at least one of us would be leaving. Most likely him because he’s been here for  7 months already. We had a combined district meeting with Pres. Shulz and we just talked on the new sub increase and going about for a whole 9 hours. Then all the bad news that put me into an ornery mood for a few days. Sooooo I’m still not liking Bakaano all that much and the fact that almost everything failed this week didn’t really help. I reflected back on this transfer and realized that this branch hasn’t progressed at all since I got here. Not for lack of trying either. I’m staying here in Bakaano, then I found out that I have to move from 54 steps to another house closer to another town. This house is closer to the chapel we’re currently going to but is not all that close to our area anymore. I also found out that I’m being taken out of Cape Coast zone to be in Abura zone which isn’t something I wanted. My new companion was exactly who I’d wanted. ya I think that’s about it. It really bugged me for a couple days but whatever I just have to accept it I guess. The last few days I’ve just been trying to shape up my attitude. My new companion is Elder Wilyerd from Illinois or Missouri or some place. We’ll be making the changes on Wednesday. Then all the people we’ve been trying to prepare for baptism are still moving a bit slow in their progression and we haven’t really found any new people to teach. Oh and we found out that our water wasn’t working because someone turned off the valve on our pump. That’s the second time that’s happened so I think next time when the pump or goes out I’ll just go check that  valve first. This next transfer I’m hoping I’ll be able to work harder than before and just see if I can go and go. Thanks for telling me about Chad and Danielle I’ll remember that at night. Elder Nzuki is pretty much home. He’ll be home by Wednesday. I’m almost at my year mark it’s in a few more weeks. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for it. I also met someone who knows just about as much of comics as I do. One Elder Harris. He’s in our zone and he’s pretty tall. He also used to be 90 pounds heavier before he came here. The only difference is he knows more about DC comics whereas I know more about Marvel comics. This kid is pretty hilarious. The ZL’s went on splits with his companionship that day so Elder Saili and Harris came back to Cape. harris had us laughing the whole night. That’s pretty much the updates for this week. Yaaaa… Well thank you guys for the packages and I’ll talk to you next week. Peace, oh and I learned a new fante word this week. onyimyam. It means Glory.
Talk to you guys latas.
From your beloved son,
Elder Holder


Cape Coast Zone


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