E-Mail 10/8/2012

Dear Family,

Thank goodness you actually sent me some substance this week. Almost too much. For General conference I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be for another few weeks but my ZL Adair told me that it’s the first weekend in Oct. So I got shut down there. We’ll hopefully be watching it at the end of this month or early next month. I did hear about the earlier age for mission. It kind of blew my mind. I don’t remember such a revelation ever coming before. This is unprecedented in my life time, at least I think it is. I could be wrong. This past sunday we just changed to 11:30 church and it was fast sunday. This was one of those fast Sunday’s where I struggled a bit. One reason was because I ended staying in the sacrament room for all three hours of church. Sacrament, then Sunday school, then priesthood. I had a really hard time not moving around a bit. Then having my legs tired because I hadn’t eaten.  We’ll see how it goes the other sunday’s. This past week has been a little bit ot the same stuff. We head out and visit who we can but people keep seeming like they are just hitting like a spiritual roadblock or something. They’re progressing and then just top off. One guy lawrence didn’t come to church. Neither did Erik. or Angelina but she’s been sick and things. We picked up on two others but they don’t seem like they’re super serious. They will sit and listen but they’re commitments has only been about 50/50. I don’t know how the English class is coming because it would have to go through the Branch and the branch is slacking on a few things right now. The Branch Pres. is leaving soon and follow up things don’t seem to happen. Even though not too much seems to be happening here I still feel happy. Go out for the day, sweat and walk and get frustrated. Come home then eat. It’s cool that I can still be happy with that day after day. All else in Bakaano is fine though. Oh and Bakaano is a town not a tribe. Bibia Bokoo is like hakuna matata. It’ s everything’s cool. The other one is God bless y’all. Elder Nzuki is almost home and the last time I talked to him he sounded like he was going to email you guys. I don’t know if he did or not. About to get a new AP. Our Subsistence is going up but don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret. I’m almost at a year and I can’t figure out what I should do for it. I think of shaving all my hair off. Then I think of burning something. The hair might not be good and I have nothing to burn. I don’t know what I should do. As for Devin getting irritated. That will probably pass. I remember being the same way because I felt you guys were over reacting. Looking at emails now it’s just like oh ok. As he progresses on mission it won’t be as big a deal. I didn’t realize so many people had similar stories like mine and devins. That’s sweet. I didn’t think it was all that big a deal just got baptized later. That is sweet though. That’s about it for me. Hope your guy’s busy month ends well. until next week.
From the Bakaano Boy
Elder Holder


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