E-Mail 10/1/2012

Dear family,

This last week was somewhat uneventful. It seems like we just went out then came back. We’ve been visiting a ton more members. I like that because that’s when you feel more at home in an area. Then we still don’t have very many investigators. We have a few that are progressing small but not a ton. We have Laurence who is struggling in coming to church. He pretty much comes if a LA RC Daniel comes. But when Daniel doesn’t come he doesn’t either. Then there’s Erik. He’s actually doing good. This Sunday he came to church by himself. We thought he would be like Laurence and would link himself to Daniel. Those dang Bakaano boys always stick together. But he ended up coming by himself. Then we have Angelina. She comes with a member Sis. Erica who is actually really sweet. Sis. Erica’s son comes and helps us teach Angelina because she doesn’t speak English very much. Which is another problem, she wants to read the book of mormon but doesn’t know how to read. Right now our best solution in trying to get a Fante BOM and seeing if her husband will be able to read to her and while that’s going on we’re trying to see if we can get an English class going for the branch. Sis. Charlotte is doing well after her baby and many people are seeing her. Hopefully she’ll start coming again. The other day as Elder Adair and I were going around someone called us over. Someone from Asuoyeboa!!!! Bro. Mizuri the first councilor there had come down to visit Cape Coast for a funeral. That guy was sweet. Also pretty smart. That was highlight for that day oh and I also need to write that in my journal.As for the debit card not that it means anything but you can tell them I didn’t notice the card because I hadn’t used it in 6 months. Winneba didn’t have a reliable ATM for me to pull out money when I needed it so I never used it. Which is the same reason it’s ok if it takes awhile to get here. I’ve already been going off sub for a bit. If worse comes to worse I have a change jar with an extra 40 cedis in it and I’m trying to get some of my American money exchanged so Bibia Bokoo.. Everything’s alright. Nothing real big happened here this week. I am trying to learn to read Fante when I have free time. I can pick out some of the words  but like the small ones that you wouldn’t think would give you trouble are what I can’t figure out. There are some that seem to mean like “for, and, including, my” but it’s the same word. I can’t quite get an exact meaning for it. I also am not sure on the Syntax of the sentences. I get a little confused but I think I can get it in the next few months so we’ll see.  That’s all I got so ya. Nyaame nhyira mo.
from the elder son,
Elder Holder


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