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E-Mail and Photo 10/29/2012

Dear Family,

Things have improved since my last few whiney emails. The area spiritually is still struggling but all the other things aren’t as bad as I made them out to be. My apartment is pretty nice and just needed a few touch ups. The biggest problem is spending money to go and back from proselyting every day. It’s tearing through my subsistence. We’re still trying to get our endless supply of less actives active but it’s hard when their best excuse is “I was sick” as they seem to be able to do everything fine. Or “I slept in”. No solid investigators still except one. Erik Vandeport. He’s just about ready to be baptized. We’re just waiting for him to come to sacrament on time. He’s coming to church, doing assignments, reading small; he’s just missing sacrament and only by a few minutes too. Our branch president got released so he could move and now the new BP is a guy I don’t know real well. Bro. Tandoh. He doesn’t really like to speak english in meetings from what I’ve seen though he can speak and understand it just fine. We’ll see how these next few weeks go. We’re looking for new investigators and……yaaaa. All the people that seem like they could turn into some just aren’t serious. On Saturday we did have a mission conference. That was sweet. Elder Sitati came and spoke to us. A big message among the speakers seemed to be having love in the companionship. Then Elder Sitati came up and explained some stuff that’s going to happen. With the new mission age applicants have exploded. Soooo all the mission areas around the world are going to get a new higher number of missionaries. We don’t know if that means we’ll be getting some here or if they’re going to form some new missions or what. Then he invited questions and that’s when he started tearing people apart. With a few of the questions he answer was ” Elder, you need to spend more time in personal study.” or ” you need to have your personal study”. After a few more questions it was “If these are the kind of questions you’re asking I’m worried about what you’re teaching.” and “if you don’t know the answers to some of these you’re no better than the investigators.” We all thought he was going to chastise the whole mission but luckily only chastised those with somehow bad questions. I’ve had a few people from Kojo Bedu call me. That was nice. One of them ,Sister Cecilia, the rc, talked about the sisters that replaced us. She said she didn’t like them. They weren’t friendly at all. I thought that was weird because I thought it was the other way around back home. ummmmm alright that’s all I got. It’s my one year mark today and we’re heading to cape coast apartment and having a french toast eat off. That’ll be just after here. Then I think I might burn one of my shirts tonight. I found some big nasty brown spots that I don’t know where they came from so I figure I still have one in the package so I’ll burn that and replace it. I also whipped out the sheets that have been in my suitcase for a year. I also am going to eat my last snickers from the package you guys sent last week. Ya the bag of snickers only lasted 4 days. oh and if you could activate my debit card I’d appreciate it. Then I just remembered. Do you remember 6 months ago I needed you guys to the whole ambience thingy on my student loan. If you could check that out it would be helpful. I was also wondering is there any way of checking if someone has stolen your identity? Like identity theft where they rack up a bunch of debt in your name. Just a thought. hopefully next month we’ll have a baptism finally.That’s it from my end, oh and did I tell you Elder Abioye from kojo bedu got made Assistant to the President.or AP. just for thoughts
From the Bakano boy
Elder Holder

Elder Holder’s Mission Conference with Elder Sitati


E-Mail 10/22/2012

I’ll continue from last week. I’m still in Bakaano and yes my new companion is Elder Willyerd. Honestly he’s a pretty cool guy. He goes and makes the apartment better. He has his own set of tools and goes and fixes things or sets up things in the new place. This last week was terrible for proselyting. Monday was P-day, Tuesday Elder Adair wanted to just go see everyone before he left, Wednesday was the transfer and Elder Willyerd was a little sick,Thursday the Office elders came ng very and moved us into the new place, Friday sickness prevailed, Saturday was a normal day and Sunday was church. We’ve also been having to pay travel to our area now and it tore through the money I had left for that sub. I couldn’t buy any more food or things so for the last few days I was just eating flour and water pancakes. Not the best. I also wasn’t eating very much and i’ve been constantly hungry for those days as well. Luckily today was sub and I was able to buy a few things so I don’t die. We’ve been trying to get the Young single adults going with family home evening and it’s turning out to be harder than I thought. They are difficult to handle. They get offended at some small small things, they have to it a certain way or their not happy, goodness gracious why are young single adults so difficult. Also Laurence isn’t seeming like he’s going to be baptized at least not with me. He won’t come to church as much as needs to. Then we have Eric who has come to church every sunday almost but he’s just a tad bit late. I’m not quite willing to baptize someone who misses sacrament every week. I still don’t feel like Bakaano is progressing very much and I honestly don’t know what we can do. We need divine help from above or something. I guess I have an interesting thought. Last night, because Elder Willyerd has some talks and music, I was listening to a talk about life’s playing field. The speaker talked about how we waited to come to the world and our experiences that we would have. He also said that our children could be watching us before they’re born. The thought came to me if we could pray and see if we could meet our children before they’re born. I don’t know how it would work though. I wonder if it would even freak me out if I did meet them. What would I do or say? I wonder  they would chastise me for doing something wrong or even tell me I ignored their mother before I came on mission. I don’t know just crazy thoughts. We need to get going to Family home evening so I wrap up. umm our zone leaders are Elder gaye and Mathemba. From Liberia and Zimbabwe. I almost need a translator to understand his english. their both cool though. That’s about all I can think of for now. Thanks for the inspiration and direction. Maybe one day I can return it.
with all the love a god in the making can muster,
elder Holder

E-Mail and Photo 10/15/2012

Dear Family,

 This past week has been pretty eventful. Our water stopped around last week monday or so and we were going off very little water until it stopped completely on Wednesday. My companion Elder Adair is training and so that meant that at least one of us would be leaving. Most likely him because he’s been here for  7 months already. We had a combined district meeting with Pres. Shulz and we just talked on the new sub increase and going about for a whole 9 hours. Then all the bad news that put me into an ornery mood for a few days. Sooooo I’m still not liking Bakaano all that much and the fact that almost everything failed this week didn’t really help. I reflected back on this transfer and realized that this branch hasn’t progressed at all since I got here. Not for lack of trying either. I’m staying here in Bakaano, then I found out that I have to move from 54 steps to another house closer to another town. This house is closer to the chapel we’re currently going to but is not all that close to our area anymore. I also found out that I’m being taken out of Cape Coast zone to be in Abura zone which isn’t something I wanted. My new companion was exactly who I’d wanted. ya I think that’s about it. It really bugged me for a couple days but whatever I just have to accept it I guess. The last few days I’ve just been trying to shape up my attitude. My new companion is Elder Wilyerd from Illinois or Missouri or some place. We’ll be making the changes on Wednesday. Then all the people we’ve been trying to prepare for baptism are still moving a bit slow in their progression and we haven’t really found any new people to teach. Oh and we found out that our water wasn’t working because someone turned off the valve on our pump. That’s the second time that’s happened so I think next time when the pump or goes out I’ll just go check that  valve first. This next transfer I’m hoping I’ll be able to work harder than before and just see if I can go and go. Thanks for telling me about Chad and Danielle I’ll remember that at night. Elder Nzuki is pretty much home. He’ll be home by Wednesday. I’m almost at my year mark it’s in a few more weeks. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for it. I also met someone who knows just about as much of comics as I do. One Elder Harris. He’s in our zone and he’s pretty tall. He also used to be 90 pounds heavier before he came here. The only difference is he knows more about DC comics whereas I know more about Marvel comics. This kid is pretty hilarious. The ZL’s went on splits with his companionship that day so Elder Saili and Harris came back to Cape. harris had us laughing the whole night. That’s pretty much the updates for this week. Yaaaa… Well thank you guys for the packages and I’ll talk to you next week. Peace, oh and I learned a new fante word this week. onyimyam. It means Glory.
Talk to you guys latas.
From your beloved son,
Elder Holder


Cape Coast Zone

E-Mail 10/8/2012

Dear Family,

Thank goodness you actually sent me some substance this week. Almost too much. For General conference I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be for another few weeks but my ZL Adair told me that it’s the first weekend in Oct. So I got shut down there. We’ll hopefully be watching it at the end of this month or early next month. I did hear about the earlier age for mission. It kind of blew my mind. I don’t remember such a revelation ever coming before. This is unprecedented in my life time, at least I think it is. I could be wrong. This past sunday we just changed to 11:30 church and it was fast sunday. This was one of those fast Sunday’s where I struggled a bit. One reason was because I ended staying in the sacrament room for all three hours of church. Sacrament, then Sunday school, then priesthood. I had a really hard time not moving around a bit. Then having my legs tired because I hadn’t eaten.  We’ll see how it goes the other sunday’s. This past week has been a little bit ot the same stuff. We head out and visit who we can but people keep seeming like they are just hitting like a spiritual roadblock or something. They’re progressing and then just top off. One guy lawrence didn’t come to church. Neither did Erik. or Angelina but she’s been sick and things. We picked up on two others but they don’t seem like they’re super serious. They will sit and listen but they’re commitments has only been about 50/50. I don’t know how the English class is coming because it would have to go through the Branch and the branch is slacking on a few things right now. The Branch Pres. is leaving soon and follow up things don’t seem to happen. Even though not too much seems to be happening here I still feel happy. Go out for the day, sweat and walk and get frustrated. Come home then eat. It’s cool that I can still be happy with that day after day. All else in Bakaano is fine though. Oh and Bakaano is a town not a tribe. Bibia Bokoo is like hakuna matata. It’ s everything’s cool. The other one is God bless y’all. Elder Nzuki is almost home and the last time I talked to him he sounded like he was going to email you guys. I don’t know if he did or not. About to get a new AP. Our Subsistence is going up but don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret. I’m almost at a year and I can’t figure out what I should do for it. I think of shaving all my hair off. Then I think of burning something. The hair might not be good and I have nothing to burn. I don’t know what I should do. As for Devin getting irritated. That will probably pass. I remember being the same way because I felt you guys were over reacting. Looking at emails now it’s just like oh ok. As he progresses on mission it won’t be as big a deal. I didn’t realize so many people had similar stories like mine and devins. That’s sweet. I didn’t think it was all that big a deal just got baptized later. That is sweet though. That’s about it for me. Hope your guy’s busy month ends well. until next week.
From the Bakaano Boy
Elder Holder

E-Mail 10/1/2012

Dear family,

This last week was somewhat uneventful. It seems like we just went out then came back. We’ve been visiting a ton more members. I like that because that’s when you feel more at home in an area. Then we still don’t have very many investigators. We have a few that are progressing small but not a ton. We have Laurence who is struggling in coming to church. He pretty much comes if a LA RC Daniel comes. But when Daniel doesn’t come he doesn’t either. Then there’s Erik. He’s actually doing good. This Sunday he came to church by himself. We thought he would be like Laurence and would link himself to Daniel. Those dang Bakaano boys always stick together. But he ended up coming by himself. Then we have Angelina. She comes with a member Sis. Erica who is actually really sweet. Sis. Erica’s son comes and helps us teach Angelina because she doesn’t speak English very much. Which is another problem, she wants to read the book of mormon but doesn’t know how to read. Right now our best solution in trying to get a Fante BOM and seeing if her husband will be able to read to her and while that’s going on we’re trying to see if we can get an English class going for the branch. Sis. Charlotte is doing well after her baby and many people are seeing her. Hopefully she’ll start coming again. The other day as Elder Adair and I were going around someone called us over. Someone from Asuoyeboa!!!! Bro. Mizuri the first councilor there had come down to visit Cape Coast for a funeral. That guy was sweet. Also pretty smart. That was highlight for that day oh and I also need to write that in my journal.As for the debit card not that it means anything but you can tell them I didn’t notice the card because I hadn’t used it in 6 months. Winneba didn’t have a reliable ATM for me to pull out money when I needed it so I never used it. Which is the same reason it’s ok if it takes awhile to get here. I’ve already been going off sub for a bit. If worse comes to worse I have a change jar with an extra 40 cedis in it and I’m trying to get some of my American money exchanged so Bibia Bokoo.. Everything’s alright. Nothing real big happened here this week. I am trying to learn to read Fante when I have free time. I can pick out some of the words  but like the small ones that you wouldn’t think would give you trouble are what I can’t figure out. There are some that seem to mean like “for, and, including, my” but it’s the same word. I can’t quite get an exact meaning for it. I also am not sure on the Syntax of the sentences. I get a little confused but I think I can get it in the next few months so we’ll see.  That’s all I got so ya. Nyaame nhyira mo.
from the elder son,
Elder Holder